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Sennheiser HD 400 line: Thoughts on build quality

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by beatsbydresuck3, Mar 19, 2013.
  1. beatsbydresuck3
    I am curious as to other people's experiences with the Sennheiser HD 400 Line of headphones (HD 419, HD 429, HD 439, HD 448, HD 449) in regards to build quality.  I personally own the Sennheiser HD 439's, and while they are primarily built out of plastic I believe that they are actually built pretty well. Has anyone had issues with their Sennheiser HD 400 series headphones breaking prematurely?  So many online reviewers state that they feel like the HD 400 series headphones are prone to breaking and aren't built very well.  I beg to differ.  What is your guys experience?
  2. TwinQY
    The headband isn't inspiring, but I've had the HD428 (2 pairs, one for me, one for the family to use during movies, etc) for a couple of years now, not a lot of problems with the phones themselves. APART from the cable, which I think is what most people are referring to. They have, without a doubt, some of the worst cabling and strain relief imaginable. Both pairs shorted out at exactly the same place - the strain relief. It is just beyond awful. Highly recommend doing a recable if anyone does happen to get them.
  3. beatsbydresuck3
    Fortunately, I bought the HD 439's which have a detachable cable (they came with two cables, one short for portable use and a long one) so at least I have a backup and I could always order another cable when this one goes.  It's a shame that they have cable problems though..... I hope their higher end headphones don't have cable problems! I have been eyeing the HD 598's.
  4. BRAVO51
    I have the he 448s. Had a couple of hard drops and little abuse from everyday use and they still work fine after a year and a half almost. The cable is better than the hd428.

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