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Good amp to use between TC750LC/uDac2 to HD428

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warriorsl, Jul 21, 2011.
  1. WarriorSl
    So, I've bought a Bravo audio tube amp to use between my uDac2 (or my TC750LC when I'm listening to records) and now that I've used it a lot it came to an end that for me it sounds terrible, the sound lose the sharpnes and it's too **** warm for me, I like the sound to be very crystal clear and sharp, with cool highs and mids, I dislike blurry or bumpy bass (the bravo have a blurry bass as hell).
    I'm a big fan of tube amps, but since solid state is cheaper, my budget is below $100, which can be a good amp to drive my Senn HD428?
  2. WarriorSl
  3. WarriorSl
    Bump? (the last one)

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