1. LostMySelf

    Good Over-Ear for Dubstep/Hardcore?

    Interested in some Over-Ear headphones since I cannot always use my speakers at home. I want a pair that can be driven without an amplifier or any other equipment. Price range something like $150-200 maybe.
  2. Jayvee

    Help me buy my first HQ Headphones.

    Firstly, I'm not looking for donations, just advice.   - Budget of $200. - Closed back are preferable for what I'd be using them for. - This is my first venture into a decent pair of cans.   I've obviously heard about the ATH-M50s due to the rave and have considered those as a...
  3. dok1230

    need help buying new headphones (:

    hi!  i am having troubles purchsing new headphones beacuse of the huge sellection... i had been searching a lot but it just made me more confuse....  so i thought maybe you can help me! it's not the first time that i buy 100$ headphones, i have in ear headphones by apple and sennheiser...
  4. Phayzon

    Best dubstep/hip hop headphone under 150

    Last thread died, so here's one to be specific. Needs clear, tight, deep or punchy bass, but also keeping clarity and having good mids/highs/lows, etc. preferably. Please, please keep it around or under 150, a lot of people givem e stuff over my budget :/. And also, less leakage is a plus...
  5. Mattatmusic

    Brought M-Audio Studiophile Q40 Headphones - need advice.

    I recently brought a pair of  M-Audio Studiophile Q40 Headphones   I was wondering whether adding some Beyerdynamic pads, these ones specifically: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beyerdynamic-DT770-Replacement-Cushion-Velour/dp/B0016MMYKA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1355443522&sr=1-1 1...
  6. KonKossKang

    After upgrading from xb500,what would be suitable upgrade from Q40?Also,any laptop speakers that sound at least like the xb500?

    Long story short the xb500 bass didnt blow out,the end of the wire got loose and now the bass is pretty much stuck at where the q40's are at lol.Now,what headphone would be as direct an upgrade as the q40's were to the xb500?will i be able to find a headphone that at least retains the q40's...
  7. dbsteve85

    Make my decision for me!

    Hello,   I'm ready to make a modest entry into high fidelity audio. I plan to start with a headphone purchase under $250. Upon receiving the headset I will probably play them out of my dedicated sound card (X-fi titanium) until I buy an amplifier, which I am sure to do because I'm a sucker...
  8. KonKossKang

    Headphone cushion modding rare or common?

    I know how to take the q40 pads off and switch em.BUT,i want to know how many other headphones have that ability to Switch earpads with one another like the sennheiser 595 (could be wrong about that one)q40 etc.   If i already know these headphones can do that,why ask?Because there are...
  9. connah

    Biggest bargain ever!! be quick

    I was looking for some headphones that matched my criteria, The M-Audio Q40 headphones came up nearly everytime, had a look at them a month or two ago but the price was a bit too much.   Just found this £59.99 NEW OMG! I Bought them yesterday and they piss all over my Fischer FA-011 for...
  10. JeffJeffery

    You say the beats are overpriced... what is a headphone that is similar in sound but cheaper?

    I went to best buy and listened to some of their headphones for a little while.  I listened to the studio's for maybe 5 min and liked them.  I'm use to my $10 ear buds that have no bass and are not very good sounding.  I really like listening to music in my car because it is more engaging with...
  11. Nargaroth

    Another "Best headphone for Metal "

    Hey guys i looked through a couple of forum but didn't find the answers i was looking for , so here it is . I'm looking for new headphone (over the air , i never had a pair but i want to try (Can't use In-Air Earbuds ( Inconfortable + OCD)  ) since my  Mx370 died (Left side not working...
  12. ThSGM

    People from UK: What's competitively priced versus the US?

    I recently moved over from the US to the UK, and am balking at some of the prices for headphones. I'd like to pick up a pair of headphones that are about $100 (or £65), but I find that almost everything that is overpriced compared to the US. For example, I've heard good things about Grado SR60s...
  13. noobyguy

    I need help!!!!

    i have the xb500 which are ok but i'm looking for something with better sound quality all round like the beyerdynamics dt770 but without sacrificing too much bass. i have looked at m audio q40's but i dont know if they are better.my budget max is 200 but i dont really want to spend that much. i...
  14. JetWarrior

    Hours of Forum Surfing, And Still Can't Decide...

    All right, here's my conundrum:   My pair of ATH-M50's (white-box) have bitten the dust.  They were my (and everyone else in the world's) first set of "real headphones," and I loved them dearly.  However, there were some things about them that I felt didn't suit my needs, and in replacing...
  15. Th3rd3y3

    Cannot decide....really need some help here....Please

    Been searching and searching for a new headphone....mostly listen to rock and metal....dont find grados comfortable...really want an around ear headphone   these are what Ive narrowed it down to....   M-Audio Q40 T50rp Sa1000     any input would be greatly appreciated
  16. KonKossKang

    How much amping can these headphones take without breaking?(mW i believe its called?max voltage for these?)

    xb1000 q40 beats by dre pro m50 pro700mk2 dt770 x10 HD650   How much "mW" voltage things can these take?ive heard that 1500mW is too much for the q40,any amps too powerful for any of these headphones?
  17. Oregonian

    Mad Dog owners............were you once a basshead? Because I gotta know how you adjusted.............

    ..............to not really feeling the bass with Mad Dogs.  I'm used to Sony XB700's and M Audio Q40's for a point of reference.  I love bass and my truck has 1200 watts with a 10" sub so yes, you could say I like the thump.   I hear and see on graphs that the MD has plenty of deep bass. ...
  18. Mackem

    Need some headphones, £59-£129 GBP!

    Previously had M-Audio Q40s with Beyer velour pads but the clamp was too much even after stretching the headband. Didn't like the DT770 Pro 80s. Ideally I'd like something as close as possible to the following:   Closed circumaural headphones  Comfortable for long periods of time for...
  19. JohnLD


    I know there are many threads out there, but I've tried asking on those threads and people just ignore my questions. Anyways I own Sennheiser HD 439's. the soundstage is great, good mids and highs, they are really light and super comfortable. But I'm looking for the two things they are lacking...
  20. JohnLD

    Circumaural Headphones with Great bass?

    I like the bass signature found in Beats, but I dont like beats because honestly, every tool I know has one. As of now, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 439's which are circumaural open back headphones with great soundstage and I really cant complain about it. But Because of its lack in bass, I...
  21. jasonrk

    Best headphones for Hip-Hop & Rap for around £150/$250.

    Hey guys, I'm new to this site and am pretty much a noob when it comes to Headphones. I'm looking to get my moneys worth so I'd be grateful for any advice from a few people who have actually tried various headphones and know what's best. My budget is around £150 ($250). It will mainly be...
  22. iso

    Headphones with most upper bass?

    What headphones have the most upper bass? That is where all the kick/punch of the bass.
  23. 1ntError

    M-Audio Studiophile Q40 left speaker resonating

    My Q40's left speaker sounds somehow strange especially with low bass and a bit higher volume e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xpKYN3_ynY from 0:24 (I linked this one cause It's easy to hear it, but I hear it on most of my songs that I listen to).   Frist I tought it might be the small...
  24. SmOgER

    Do bassy HP's with neutral mids and highs even exist?

    Ok, let's say price isn't a big concern. Does there is such thing: strong deep bass (with bigger impact than on dt770) and at the same time, mids and treble aren't recessed in any way with at least average soundstage, but closed type?  Maybe 2-way drivers or smth?
  25. milk

    Best headphones for my budget?

    Hey there guys! I'm havering a real issue here I've been trying to find so many reviews and such about good over/around ear headphones to buy I have the audio q40s as my bassy headphones now I need something very neutral with fantastic highs and mids with a present bass. My budget is $150 but I...