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Jan 3, 2013
I'm ready to make a modest entry into high fidelity audio. I plan to start with a headphone purchase under $250. Upon receiving the headset I will probably play them out of my dedicated sound card (X-fi titanium) until I buy an amplifier, which I am sure to do because I'm a sucker for gear and secondly I also appreciate good sound :) Although the sound card DAC is plausible I might look into a USB DAC down the road as well.
But I digress. The bulk of my music is hip hop. Everything from the crappy gangster rap recordings to the classic albums of the golden era. Indie hip-hop with instrumental bands, and electronica influenced hip hop. Audible lyricism is important. I also dabble in trance, techno, dubstep and everything else from that genre. That said, I want a headset with some bass. But, I am already desensitized by the Sony XB-500 so I'm looking for something that does bass heavy, but cleaner. And with better SQ offerings all around.
I have fallen on two headsets. Beyerdynamic DT770. Or, the M-Audio Q40. The ohm rating on the Beyers is undecided since I understand the 250 ohm version may need some more specific amp requirements.
I am prepared to deal with the cons of both. So, I'm throwing it to the community that I assume is enthralled to commit time to threads like these. What do you think?
Of course, if anyone has a pair that they believe absolutely trumps (under $250) the two I'm teetering on feel free to drop your knowledge.
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Apr 4, 2012
You can get the DT990 Pro for under $200. Just sayin'.... Anyway, I mention the 990's because they do have impressive bass. I have not compared to the 770's.
Given that your "if you get an amp" is more of a "when" I'd go with he 250ohm.
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Nov 19, 2012
Looks like you are looking for a "forgiving" headphone so I'll bite. Since the THD isn't an excellent amp, I'd recommend something like the Beyerdynamic DT 990, Denon D2Ks, or maybe the V-Moda M-100. All those phones are great with rap/hip-hop and are very efficient.

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