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Circumaural Headphones with Great bass?

  1. JohnLD
    I like the bass signature found in Beats, but I dont like beats because honestly, every tool I know has one. As of now, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 439's which are circumaural open back headphones with great soundstage and I really cant complain about it. But Because of its lack in bass, I only use it to watch movies or listen to non EDM or dubstep music.
    My budget is $200.
    I have heard mixed reviews of the following headphones:
    V-Moda Cross Fade LP and LP2 (durable, decent bass, but not exactly a basshead headphone)
    ATH-M50( extreme clamping force, accurate bass but not ear rattling like i want)
    M-Audio Q40 (Bass Monsters, basically subwoofers, but the earpads are bad..)
    I always was interested in the Ultrasones, but I can't decide which would be better for bass.
  2. eke2k6
    I went and read through all the threads you've created in the last few days. It seems you've done your homework on all the headphones you're considering, but you're having issues committing to a single one. I doubt there's anything anyone can tell you that you don't know already. You're basically asking us to make the decision for you.
    My recommendation is this: buy through amazon.com, or another seller that has a no questions asked return policy. That way you can be sure that you get the headphones you want.
  3. JohnLD

    Thankyou for not being rude about my multiple threads. And that's a good point, thankyou

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