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Stepping up from "budget" headphones to something nicer..

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by phoenixrisen, Feb 7, 2013.
  1. PhoenixRisen
    I stumbled upon this forum a year or so ago and thus began my initiation into the headphone world. I have mostly purchased headphones in the "budget" king killer type posts that were on the cheaper side. I own the Samson 850's, the monoprice cheapies, Panasonic htf600's, Brainwavz HM3. My favorite pair of headphones that I've ever owned was the Sennheiser Px-100's and am going to buy the newer version of those since my old pair went kaput.  I've been lurking in the JVC HA-S500 thread and from what I've read they sound like something that would be interesting to at least add to my budget collection as well.
    Anyway, I'm wanting to step up a bit in the headphone world and acquire some new headphones. I'm wanting to spend under 300. They have to be amazing for mostly rock music, but I would love for them to play other music at least decently because I listen to a bit of everything. I am also looking for something very comfortable as well. As far as amping, I got a E17 for Christmas, but I don't know if that will have enough punch for what I am asking for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. scott5526
    You should look into the grado line.  They have unusual earpads, but the headphones themselves are very light so with some bending of the headband depending on how big your head is they are actually pretty comfortable.  Grados are also great with rock and do at least most genres fairly well as long as it doesn't have excessive bass or require a large soundstage.  Amping on grados isn't even necessary (although it does obviously improve them) and I've even been able to get decent volume out of an ipod with my 225i.  Grados are also super customizable if you're interested in modding them a little.  You can buy alternative pads for them, do bass mods, etc.  It would be hard to beat grados for rock under 300.
  3. vaed
    If you don't mind a proprietary mod or spending about $300, Mr. Speakers Mad Dog modded T50-RP are an awesome deal at $300. Extremely comfortable, balanced, smooth spectrum (the orthodynamic nature gives it a very signature sound, particularly very quick transient response and famous midrange) for a versatile range of music (I myself am a metalhead) and come with a 15-day no-questions-asked return policy.  As far as amping goes, people have testified the E17 being fine for driving them, and they should scale up if you decide to get more fancy.
    MrSpeakers has also recently released a new earpad that comes with the newer Mad Dogs as well.
    Others speak it better than I do; come check out the review thread!
  4. fabio-fi
    Given your tastes..if you're not a basshead, they may be the headphone you are looking for. The MD sound like $300+ headphones
  5. MalVeauX
    Mr Speakers Mad Dog with Alpha Pads
    Hifiman HE-300 revision 2
    Beyer DT880 250ohm
    Sony MA900
    Very best,

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