Looking for a Good 'MUSICAL' headphone
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Jul 7, 2011
I'm using CLIp+ with Brainwavz M2 as my main source (as you see in my profile picture). But I have FIIO E17 which I like it very much but I'm looking for a good 'MUSICAL' headphone which will complement E17's ability. Brainwavz M2 is good but I'm looking for a similar signature in Headphones
Headphone's signature should be similar to Brainwavz M2 or Monster Miles Davis Tribute. Reason being many people are terming these IEMs as 'MUSICAL' and I agree with it. When I listen using my Brainwavz M2 I'm enjoying/feeling the music rather than analyzing. Amazing mids, Deep and dynamic bass but not influencing mids are my main criteria
I'm also using Sony's MH1C which have got rave reviews but I don't know why, I am not getting enjoyment which I'm getting from M2
Could anyone in this forum please help me out in finding a good headphone similar to M2 or MDT?
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The Sennheiser HD-25-1-ii comes to mind.  It is a very dynamic sounding headphone for the price without having too much bass.  It is an on-ear headphones so if comfort is a must perhaps look elsewhere.  The HD-25-1-ii is pretty comfortable, but anything that rests on your ears is going to make them fatigue or hurt after a while.
You can compare the charts of the M2 to the HD-25-1-ii:
If you can use an open headphone the Koss Porta Pro is an excellent low cost option.  They sound amazing for the price which is often below $60 US.
The SHURE SRH840 would also be a great headphone.
The AKG K550 is also a great headphone with a signature like the M2.
If you want a little extra low end the Sennheiser Momentum is quite nice, but I found the low end to be a bit much.
Believe it or not Logitech is putting out some great headphones these days.  The UE6000 sound pretty good and a review can be found here:
Let us know what you decide upon.
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hm5.....uptown. both mellowdious


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