1. stickersteve

    Need some advise on a high end portable headphones

    I know opinions are like earholes, everyone's got one, but I need some advise. I want a high end portable headphone. I just got the Ultrasone Edition 8 which sound amazing, but kill my ears after a while. The pads are very soft, but not shaped like an ear. I am going to send them back so now I...
  2. Zelcroft

    M50s , Monster DIamond Tears or something else?

    HI , I'm new here and I know there are a lot of "What is the headphone for me" type of threads around but I just need to know. I use the stock earphones from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and was thinking of giving cans a shot.  - My portable player is my phone (Galaxy Nexus as stated above) but...
  3. soundquest

    Please advise. Best new or used over the ear heaphone under $75. My finds are included.

    Hi,   I know there are a lot of recommendations out there, but sometimes there's unfamiliar new gear worth seeking and sometimes old favorites are overlooked. A killer $100 phone found used for $50 is worth consideration. Or a closeout. Black Friday, etc. New or USED.   Please advise...
  4. biggbenn74

    Headphones For The GF (Style Over Sound, Unfortunately)

    Hello once again, Head-Fi! My question today is: what headphones do females like? Particularly college age. My girlfriend has been needing some OVER EARS for some time now, and it's going to be Christmas soon... So, what better time than now. Alright, for starters, she is particularly fond of...
  5. rafi

    suggest me a headphone under $120

    hello ! need suggestion from you guys in buying a budget is $100.maximum 120,not more than that.suggest me the best possible headphone having the best bass, sound stage and imaging at this price main objective is movie and gaming thanks
  6. NickRodriguezzz

    Looking for some new Over Ear cans

    Hey guys, I'm just looking for some new over ear cans, my price range is like up to $200 MAYBE a bit more if they are really that great, let me know what you guys think are some good options other than the super obvious M50s lol.
  7. HyenaPrime

    Need for Comfortable, Good Sounding, Bassy Headphones (Under $150)

    I would like to have some headphones that sound good with rap, dnb, and dubstep. They need to be comfortable and have good build and sound quality. Thanks.
  8. rexdale

    Getting headphones for cousin, could use some recommendations

    Hi, need headphones recommendations for my cousin.   -Willing to spend around $200 range. -Closed. -Good amount of bass, but not over the top. -Something not heavy. -Usually listens to rap/hip hop and movies.   You can recommend more than one, I can narrow it down from there...
  9. TheDrop

    Phillips Citiscape Uptown or Aiaiai TMA-1

    Hey I have been browsing this forum for a few months now, ever since i started being interested in buying full headphone (always have used cheap earphones before) My main use for my headphones would be to ride on the bus back and forth from school, and maybe some use at home. I have looked...
  10. Thadious James

    Best headphones for $100 or less?

    Just looking for some higher quality headphones for $100 or less. My current headphones are the Incipio F38 headphones. I've been looking at Grado sr80i, some used ATH-M50's, Phillips City-Scape, and Shure SRH440. Give me some recommendations. I listen to mostly Punk, Thrash, Indie, Ska...
  11. landervdb

    Looking for all-round headphones

    Hi all,   I have owned some fairly decent AKG's and Sennheiser's in the past, all sub-$100 though. However, I have decided to treat myself to a pair of nice cans. I haven't got a huge budget to spend, I would like to stay under €200-ish (around $250, or £160), which should get me something...
  12. AlternateYoung

    AudioTechnica ATH-M50 or The Philips CitiScape Uptown ??

    Hi Guys , Newbie Here . Well recently i just bought myself a pair of cans . They are the Audio Technica ATH-M50s . Since there are alot of positive reviews about them , i decided to pick them up from the Amazon Which Cost me USD 138 . Not Cheap though but if they were to be a great pair of...
  13. Greenmate

    Philips CitiScape Uptown Headphones or Skullcandy Aviator?

    im new at this thing , and I have a question about chose between Philips CitiScape Uptown Headphones or Skullcandy Aviator? btw: the philip only 55$ now and I can get the...
  14. shockdoc

    Sony X headphones

    Maybe I'm searching wrong (still kind of a noob) but I couldn't find anything on these. Kinda pricey but wondered if it might be a good alternative to Beats for some of my friends who want street style with good sound and ask for my advice.  ...
  15. jigglywiggly

    Closed comfy cheap headphones

    Do any exist? I have dt-770s and just now, like 30 minutes ago after like only 1 year of owning the right ear won't have any sound... 200$ headphones, I emailed them but I am doubtful.     Ok so I have the monoprice 8323 as well, and they sound really good... the problem with them is...
  16. jorich

    Some questions about the QC15

    Right now I am using a pair of Bose QC15. A friend of my dad gave them to me a couple months ago. He had lost the original cable that Bose makes for them so I went and picked up a Belkin Auxiliary cable so I could try em out(mainly cause I'm lazy and impatient and didn't feel like waiting for em...
  17. 3lfl0rd

    upgrade from portapros?

    so i have owned the koss porta pros for about one year and i would like to upgrade headphones. i have a budget of ~$100. the reason why i want new headphones is: -better sound quality -less sound leakage -some more sound isolation if it is possible at this price range -i would prefer...
  18. Legoymeeko

    On a search for headphones!

    Alright, to start off with I'm not very experienced at all in this headphone ordeal.  I've used cheap 20 dollar headsets and earbuds from Wal-Mart most of my life.   (Sorry if this gets this gets too in depth or long, just really want to get everything out there!)   The first serious...
  19. Hooyahaha

    Audio Noob Question - IEM vs Cans

    Hi Audiophiles! First time poster! I consider myself an audio noob, but I appreciate good sound (but not necessarily accurate at knowing what is good when I hear it) and I have been lurking around this forum for the past couple of months looking for headphone recommendations.   Bear with me...
  20. meolefx

    Urgent recommendation, travelling in 2 weeks!

    Hi, I have been following this forums for some time now (1-2 years) to decide what would be my next headphone purchase... So the time has finally come! in 2 weeks i'm travelling to the U.S I will be staying in Texas going back and forth from San Antonio to Austin. (I'm only going for 4 days)...
  21. martins

    Comfortable headphones

    Hello,   I'm trying to find the most comfortable headphones in the market (less than <500 USD).   They gave me as a present the Beats Pro and i find them extremely uncomfortable.  I travel a lot and I do a lot of long-distance flights. I would like some headphones that will isolate...
  22. moominman2

    headphones for under £250

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and in need of advice! Here are my needs for a pair of cans... £250 or under Listen to most music genres. Mainly rock/ classic rock but also acoustic etc. Closed cans Good noise isolation Use with an iPod touch on the go Recommendations would be great. Luke
  23. Sonata Riot

    Headphone choices for a friend ~$100

    You guys have been amazing in helping me pick out headphones so far and I would love some help to help my friend pick out his first pair of headphones.   He is looking for closed headphones so he doesn't disturb his girlfriend when she's studying. He isn't really big fan of the neutral...
  24. BRSxIgnition

    I seem to be a picky Head-Fi'er... (Upgrade from ATH-M50)

    Hi,   I've been looking around for the past few months to replace/upgrade from my dying/dead Audio Technica ATH-M50's. As a result, and after seeing all the possibilities, I ended up creating the "Mid-Fi Closed Portable Battle 2012 Discussion" thread, seeing as many people were in similar...
  25. tominated

    Closed Headphones for ~$200?

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for some closed headphones to use at work. I would use my MS-1is but they would annoy the hell out of my co-workers. Currently I am using my etymotic IEMs, but they are kinda uncomfortable after an hour or so.   I primarily listen to indie, post and alternative...