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AudioTechnica ATH-M50 or The Philips CitiScape Uptown ??

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by alternateyoung, Nov 9, 2012.
  1. AlternateYoung
    Hi Guys , Newbie Here .
    Well recently i just bought myself a pair of cans . They are the Audio Technica ATH-M50s . Since there are alot of positive reviews about them , i decided to pick them up from the Amazon Which Cost me USD 138 . Not Cheap though but if they were to be a great pair of headphones why not ? . I Listen mostly to rock , alternative rock , metalcore and nothing other than that . Well im not and audiophile and i have little knowledge about headphones.
    Today , i have came across a video from ThatSnazzyIphoneGuy and his thoughts about the Uptown from Philips. Im not sure whether i have just bought the wrong headphones for me because looking at the Uptown , it kinda look better and i have also read several reviews about them , and most the reviews says that it sound better than the M50s . So i need some help from you guys telling me whether the M50s is better for the songs i listen to or the Uptown . 
    Currently , im using an Ipod Shuffle With The Audio Technica ATH-SJ55 for my music , and im gonna buy the Sansa Clip Zip alongside with an amp from Fiio . Fiio E7 attracts me and the quality they provide is also nice . So Which is Better M50 Or Uptown ?

    Cheers ! :D
  2. Parula
    I own a pair of M-50's but have not heard the Uptown. If you are interested in other options, look into the Beyerdynamic dt-770. A nice quality closed headphone.
  3. AlternateYoung
    Ok Will be Checking That Out :D
  4. Doc-holliday


    I would not say that either is "better" than the other. The Uptown has more of a midbass hump than the M50. Bass is decent if not a bit on the slow side compared to the M50. The mids are more forward with the uptown while the highs are more relaxed sounding giving the feeling of slightly less detail but on the other side less fatiguing for longer listening. I find the uptowns to be much mroe comfortable and the cups are deeper so your ears don't touch the driver grill.

    The uptown is more for portable use with a 4 foot cable vs the 9 foot cable of the m50. The uptown can aldo be had from ben's outlet for 65 dollars shipped so it is almost half the price. Uptown has ipod controls in the cable and a mic.

    I find something slightly artificial about the M50's midrange. I think the uptown have a more realistic presentation.

    They are both a good headphone just with different sounds.
  5. AlternateYoung
    Hi , 
    Thanks for your thoughts and help . But since i've ordered the M50s , will an amp like Fiio E7 kill the " artificial midrange " by the m50s?? To me the uptown presentation is also nice . I'll wait for my m50 to arrived and ill update whether its the headphone that im looking for :D Thanks 
  6. Doc-holliday

    don't get me wrong. They are a very nice sounding headphone. critically speaking yes they are flawed, but they are far above the main stream consumer headphones in the main. hope you enjoy them. your amp will not change the sound to a marked degree. the m50 is sensitive enough that you don't need an amp.

    did you order the amp already? You would be better off with the E10 for desktop use.
  7. AlternateYoung
    I've not ordered an amp . Since the ath can perform well without an amp , im looking forward to buy the Rocoo P player . 
    Thanks for the advice man ! Really appreciate it :D

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