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    Fiio E10
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    Fiio E10
  3. mugabuga

    Question about the Soundmagic E10s

    I just got my first pair of decent headphones, the Soundmagic E10s after I they were recommended here. I bought them because of their reputation for good bass while still retaining a clear sound. However, it seems like there's no bass at all unless I use the bass boost effect on my Nexus 4 or...
  4. mrconfuse

    Getting a nice headphone as graduation for my niece. Need help in selecting headphone

    My niece will be graduating High school and she's really big into music. I want to get a really nice pair of phones that she can use when she's in college. Since this is a graduation present my budget is up to $1000K. She mostly listens to pop music, (Justin Bieber, Usher, Katie Perry, Kelly...
  5. mitchjohns97

    Best headphones around $180 for somebody who doesn't know what they're doing

    So through a happy coincidence both my uncles got me pair of earbuds for Christmas. One got a pair of Bose ie2 and the other got a bluetooth pair of higher end sports earbuds. Since I didn't have much need for sports earbuds, I decided to return them and keep the Bose. I got $170 when I returned...
  6. soundisee

    Headphone amp into Audio Interface?

    I recently bought DT 770 pro 80's and a FiiO E10 which work fine together but I mainly use my audio interface (MBox 2) since I am mostly recording music. I'm not sure how to explain this but is there a way to either run 2 sound devices at once (FiiO E10 + Mbox 2) or is there a way to plug the...
  7. VVhitewolf

    Pc bass help

    Hi guys, So I have been spending a lot of time reading through the website on many different topics and i ordered a pair of Panasonic RP-HTF600-S . I would like to think im a bit of a basshead. I was really looking at the the MDR-xb500 because i used them for a while and really liked them. I had...
  8. Mods12

    Shure 840 amp/dac

    I was hearing some annoying crackling sounds though my fiio e10 and sent it back today. i did notice an improvement. Should i just order another fiio e10 or get something else. i may get a pair of dt880s so an amp/dac that would fit those headphones too
  9. kilspeed111

    Need some help with new headphones.

    Hey guys,   I made this account just to ask you proffessionals this question.. I got the beats pro at the moment, but everywhere i hear that these suck. So i'm going to sell these and get the Ultrasone pro 900.. The problem is, i usually listen to music with my ipod, i pretty much like...
  10. cranda58

    Mid to High-End IEM vs vs Low-End Custom CIEM

    I am looking for a new set of IEMs - leaning toward the Fidue A83's right now.   Wanted to see if it was worth checking out a lower end CIEM like Custom Art instead. It will be probably another $100-150 extra after impressions - worth the extra?
  11. rafael79sh

    Will a headphone amp get rid of the 'hiss' noise?

    Noob here, please bear with me.   I have the Roland Duo Capture (UA-11) USB, which works perfect in every respect except when the volume is turned high, at which point there is a noticeable hissing noise. The noise is gone at slightly lower volumes. I am wondering if this noise is present at...
  12. bcd127

    do my headphones need to be amped? [UPDATED]

    I have recently purchased a pair of shur srh840’s. I love them to death. They sound great! The only thing is that there is a bit more sound coming out of the left channel. Its hardly noticeable, but its still there.  I usually us them on my laptop. The only thing that makes it better is turning...
  13. BeAsTMode4MVP

    LCD-3 (and other high end flagships) with Older Recordings/Lo-Fi Recordings

        I wanted to get some opinions on listening to lo-fi recordings, as well as recordings from the 60s and 70s, on headphones of this caliber. The general consensus of the LCD-3s seem to be: transparent, great bass response and impact, elite midrange, good (but not elite) soundstage. This type...
  14. jezmoulton

    Buy new headphones or USB DAC first?

    Hi there,   I listen to a lot of music from my computer at home. I have recently got a new HiFi (second hand Technics from ebay) and I have been using the Sennhesier HD 202's for a couple of yerars now. I use a very cheap "Creative X-Fi Go Pro!" USB soundcard, but I would like to make some...
  15. deeo

    Help with buying DAC(soundcard)?

    Alright,so about a week ago i made a thread where i was deciding which headphone i should buy(XB500/XB700 alternative)..I decided to go with the ath-m50s..when i first i got them , i really liked how the headphone sounded, but i was pretty dissapointed with the bass(and i was mainly lookin for a...
  16. reddiger

    Help me narrow and critique my selections for personal headgear audio please.

    I am completely new to quality personal audio equipment and after a bit of searching and impromptu research, I have narrowed my choices. First off, the use will be for personal home audio use in a fairly noise environment while listening to music, movies, and occasional video games without the...
  17. DocBox

    Sub-£150 IEM Shortlist Advice (Shure, Westone, Klipsch, and any recommendations)

    Hey guys, pretty new fella around here.   Previous IEM's include Klipsch Image S4i, SoundMAGIC E10M, BeyerdynamicMMX101iE, Monoprice 8320 (used as a backup, due to being so cheap).   I'm in the market for some Sub-£150 IEM's that are really going to impress me - the better value the...
  18. Kevinyellow

    Best IEMs for under £50?

    Hi peeps! After tons of browsing and rummaging for the best IEM's within budget; i've resorted to asking the seemingly best audiophile community around.  I have a £50 budget for IEMs and so far have short-listed the following, but feel free to suggest more:   RHA MA350 Soundmagic E10...
  19. X-Ravin

    Gotta grand to spend. JH16 or better chain?

    So I currently run a pair of Triple Fis with a Fiio e10. I don't have a portable setup yet as the TF10 is tough to move about with. I've got a grand to spend on upgrades and figured I'd see what's is recommended. I was considering the JH16 while it is on sale, but would getting a better chain...
  20. Justlog

    Just got my Brainwavz B2's!

    Hey everyone, so last night(about 12PM to be precise) I checked the fridge to see if I can find anything to eat, and then I noticed a note that I assumed came in the mail that day, And I asked my mom "When did this arrive?", "Today" she said, I snatched the thing from the fridge ran to computer...
  21. Mrx1

    Finally, best 40$ IEM's ?

    I opened a bunch of threads and almost no one gave me a good full normal comment, Please guys, I need your help, I NEED TO ORDER TODAY, CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE.   My budget is 40$ shipped, I'm listening to Rock, Metal, Trance, Rap, Dubstep. I will plug it into a Sansa Clip+ OR an Iphone 4...
  22. Davesbeard

    VSonic GR06 - Available in the UK?

    Hi guys,   So my trusty every-day Soundmagic E10's have just died and I'm in need of a replacement.   I've been seeing glowing reviews of the Vsonic GR06s and am pretty set on purchasing these as a replacement. Problem being that I can't find them for sale anywhere in the UK. Frogbeats...
  23. Fballboy23

    Upgrade Time. $300~ price range.

  24. Fballboy23

    Looking for quick advice about Pro 990 250Ohm.

  25. Kinru

    Need some advice (headphones + amp/dac)

    Hey all,   As of right now I am using HD555s with the foam mod and just my motherboard's integrated sound. I bought the Titanium HD the other day (when it was $110 on amazon) and have been playing around with it today. Performed several blind tests with various quality songs (from 120kbps to...