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Mid to High-End IEM vs vs Low-End Custom CIEM

  1. cranda58
    I am looking for a new set of IEMs - leaning toward the Fidue A83's right now.
    Wanted to see if it was worth checking out a lower end CIEM like Custom Art instead. It will be probably another $100-150 extra after impressions - worth the extra?
  2. jono454
    Had triple fi and monster copper pro turbine (or something like that)...then i switched over to the 1964 v3 ciem...
    Safe to say i'm never going back to universals and have a JH16 freqphase coming in and maybe planning on upgrading them to Roxannes via unique melody =D
  3. cranda58
    What would everyone recommend in the $300 - $500 price range for a CIEM? Anyone have any experience with CustomArt Music Two?
    Listen to a wide variety of music and will be playing most through a Fiio Olympus 2-E10K or Fiio Alpen 2-E17K.
  4. Mooses9
    but if you had to narrow genre's down what you say it would be? anything you favor over another?
  5. cranda58
    If I had to put an order to it, it would probably go Rock -> Instrumental/Classical -> D&B -> Rap
  6. cuiter23
    Once you go custom you will never want to go universal again. Although my SE425's are not fully custom, they are just shells, my next pair of IEMs will definitely be fully custom. You are able to pack more drivers into them and the seal and comfort is far superior to any universal no matter how good of a seal you get on a universal. Most of the time, customs will give you a slight edge in SQ due to a proper seal and better noise isolation. 
  7. sokre
    Im thinking of buying custom art music one.
    You think there is any way of trying used custom iem or should one just send them for reshelling right away?
  8. cranda58
    I pulled the trigger on a pair of Custom Art Music Two's with detachable cables. I've heard great things about Piotr and his work and am very excited! Will let everyone know how they turn out!

    Sokre - This is my first CIEM, but I'd imagine you would want them reshelled. It is a bit of a financial risk, but it's the only way to get the proper sound out of them. I think Piotr at Custom Art does reshells at a reasonable price.
  9. zenpunk

    Unless you have funky ears I don't think it is correct for everybody. I just got my first custom, which is silicone, and it fits like a glove so is very comfortable but my Shure SE646 + Westone tips are just equally comfortable. 
  10. Mooses9
    do explain?
  11. zenpunk
    Straight ear canals maybe? [​IMG]
    Why would a very soft ear tips of the right size would be less comfortable than solid acrylic or semi-rigid silicone CIEM molded to your ears?
    And yes, I believe the Shure competes and plays in the same ballpark as all the TOTL CIEMs I demoed, It is just a question of preferred sound signature, really.
  12. cuiter23
    Considering Sensaphonics Full Shell Customs for your SE846's are definitely worth the investment. I've heard nothing but great things by owners with Custom SE846's. You should check it out! Btw, I'm not affiliated with Sensaphonics in any way, just thought they deserve credit for making such an awesome product for Shure. Oh and they are the only Shure authorized Custom provider :)
  13. jay567
    Not my personal impressions but loads of people in a Korean site called Seeko usually state that low end customs do not have better SQ than the similarly priced UIEMs.
  14. Dragonsan
    It was probably just a typo. I'm shure he meant the Shure SE846s. (See what I did there?)
  15. Spyro
    I paid $400 + $25 for my impressions for my JH Audio JH5's which are a dual driver.
    JH5 is a poor man's JH16.  I had both at same time) It is a fantastic offering and is at least equal or beats everything up to a quad driver in the universal market.  Trust me I have had pretty much all.     Fit, obviously is fantastic but cohesiveness is outstanding too.  For example, even though it is a dual driver it still has two separate exit bore holes for the music to come out of.  JH5 may be my best $400 ever spent in portable audio over the years.
     I understand that Jerry Harvey was the mastermind behind TF10 Pro.  Then when he left Ultimate Ears and started JH Audio the first IEM he wanted to "improve" upon or change from what Ultimate Ears ideas were....was the JH5 (versus previous UE5).  It's the best bang for buck IEM in their line up to their hideously priced Roxanne and Layla offerings costing 3-4 X as much
    Ask here or PM me for further details, no problem.  After 12 years here my objective (other than to enjoy conversing about great audio)...is to shorten the learning curve to great portable audio).

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