1. zyth

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper Help!!

    Hello, My first thread on Head-fi so im very sorry if i choosed the wrong category!  Bought a new pair of Monster Turbine Pro Copper today. Now i have a bit of a problem, what ear-tips do you guys recommend to get out the most bass from the turbines. With ear-tips i mean those that comes...
  2. nocry

    monster turbine copper pro eartips

    Hello, I have lost one of my ear tips from my Monster Turbine Copper pro eartips , The one it come original with it , i mean not the extra gel tips or foam tips, it come with the headphone when you buy it and when you just open the box, i dont know what to do know , i dont know what is it name...
  3. donileo

    Superfi5 Pros Reshell

    Ok So Ive had the Superfi 5 Pros essentially since they came out and to this day I havent found a better Overall sounding headphone. Thats almost 10years I believe which is crazy. Ive tried Monster Turbine Coppers, The Westone4, The UE triple fi and sorry But No..Overall the Super fis are the...
  4. Empire1

    What's the difference between Turbine Coppers with and without ControlTalk?

    I noticed on Amazon that the Turbine Pro Coppers with ControlTalk is only $239, compared to the standard version wihich is $279. I found something even more interesting on the Monster website. The Coppers with ControlTalk are listed at only $199, a whopping difference compared to the standard...
  5. cranda58

    Mid to High-End IEM vs vs Low-End Custom CIEM

    I am looking for a new set of IEMs - leaning toward the Fidue A83's right now.   Wanted to see if it was worth checking out a lower end CIEM like Custom Art instead. It will be probably another $100-150 extra after impressions - worth the extra?
  6. aetain

    Are these real?   Im getting MTPG and on the offical monster website, it goes for 300. Here its 149. They seem real...
  7. defguy

    IEM that's closest to K702 Anniversary

       I own AKG 702 Annies, HD 600's, Klipsch x-10's, Harmon Kardon BT's and Monster Coppers. I'm looking for  IEM's that probably most resemble the 702's as they sound the closest to right to me. I listen to mostly Hard Rock with some prog rock and New Age thrown in. Having said that, my speaker...
  8. ajy317

    Why is Turbine Pro Copper cheaper than Gold?

    When I go to Monstercable's website, I found that they are selling the Copper $100 cheaper than the Gold.   Why is that happening??? I heard that there were quality issues with the Copper.   BTW, under the current price, which one would you choose?
  9. gpk kuji

    Need help buying first pair of Headphones or IEM for almost all genre of music!

    Hello! (I am Korean so bare with my horrible grammar)   I am very new to the headphone world and would like some help from the experts here on the Head-Fi forums! I love listening to Classical, Rock, Alternative, Pop- Punk, Hip hop, rap, r&b, kpop, soul, dubstep, and basically every kind of...
  10. a-nnabelle

    Looking For Earbuds

    I really need a new set of earbuds. I use my iPod touch 5th generation for music and listen to rock/metal and I really need some good quality earbuds that will leak as little as possible. Can you suggest some good ones available in the UK that fit these requests? Thank you.
  11. lxl88

    Did Monster Turbine Pro Copper just changed their design?

    I just received the coppers from amazon and I realised their design are somewhat different from what I saw on the internet. Does anybody know if monster just changed their design for mtpc? I purchased those earphones from amazon directly so it should be authentic but upon seeing the design...
  12. tracyca

    WOW, MTPC!

    Just sorting trought my IEM collection and dusted off my old Monster Turbine Pro Coppers and plug them into my solo db & duet stack and WOW they sound Great!
  13. avery13

    Suggestions - looking for new in-ear headphones

    Hey guys, I just broke my Monster Turbine Pro Copper headphones and gotta find something else. I'm looking for in-ear headphones that are around 100-200$ (looking for upper tier) that are basically a very good all-round headphone. I listen to many genres of music but most of all hip hop, so I'd...
  14. cylpol1

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper supertips

    I am look to buy the supertips that come with the Monster Turbine Pro Copper. Please let me know if you have the foam and thank you.
  15. DSF767

    Looking for a new IEM to replace my Monster Pro Coppers

    Hey All,   I have had my Monster Turbine Pro Coppers, I have had them for about 3 years and they have been great to me, I picked them up during one of the monster refurbished deals and got them for I think $99 which was a great deal on an IEM that have been great.    Now I wear these...
  16. cardboardhome

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper Replacements

    Hi. About a year ago I bought a pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro's, which come with a lifetime warranty. Since then, the headphones have broken, been replaced, and now have broken for a second time. With the warranty I'm allowed to have them replaced again but when I called Monster they said...
  17. hd800op

    Difference between turbine regular and pearl

    The only reason I am asking is because the MSRP of these was different, now they can be found on amazon for about the same price. Also, why does the copper cost less than the gold if it is the "top end" earphone. So my question: Is there a difference in sound quality/tonal signature? Which...
  18. abablitz

    Hi, I'm new and need help with choosing components

    My Headphones: -Maddog T50RP -Senn HD 650 -Monster Copper Turbine Pro   My Amp: Fiio e09k Fiio e11   Sound Card: Creative Titanium HD   So I'm selling my computer and will no longer have a sound card, but I really liked the sound of the titanium HD. What dacs/amp combos are out there...
  19. average_joe

    Monster Cable Turbine Pro Copper vs. the IE8, CK10, CK90Pro (modded), RE252, 10, FX500, WM2 silver, and Some e-Q7

    I am sure you already know all about the Monster Cable Turbine Pro Copper IEM and what it comes with (if you don't, it is easy to find) so this comparison review is only a sound quality/presentation comparisons of the Copper vs. many other high-end IEMs. I tried to use a wide selection of genres...
  20. cardboardhome

    Best Sub $150 IEMS?

    My brother had a pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro's but they broke and at that point Monster no longer made them and claimed that they could only replace them with another line of IEMS which were far inferior. Consequently, I am now looking to buy a pair of IEMS and want to spend around $100...
  21. crazy0023

    Which ones are better?? Help!!

    Which are better the Monster Turbine Pro Copper Con HD and Micro In-ear Earphones or Monster Cable Turbine PRO High Performance Multilingual In-Ear Speakers - Copper? Here are the links to the amazon page for both In ear headphones...
  22. ProchargerF4

    Does amazon have a problem with fakes MTPC's?

    I ordered some used-like new MTPC's from amazon for $175... Now in this day and age the price doesn't seem suspect, but there are more fakes floating around than genuine at this point I'm sure. My main question is: how likely is it to receive fakes from amazon? They're still being shipped so I...
  23. Frankyspanky

    Looking for upgrade ( I have Monster Turbines now), or not...?

    Hi,   I've been reading a lot of reviews (including the big comparing thread by joker) and now I am excited about buying a better (or atleast different) IEM. I could be described as a Basshead, but I dont really know what it means. What I can is that almost all the music I listen to is...
  24. Albinoni

    A discussion about Monster Turbines Copper

    I am currently looking for a good sounding pair of IEM's and have never actually owned IEMs before and I've only used over head headphones, so this will be my first time I end up getting a set of IEMs.   I have been seriously looking at the Monster Turbnines Copper and quite like them, but...
  25. naturalmystic

    Best IEMs for around $200?

    Hello   Looking for IEMs that are durable ( or at least not fragile :) with a balanced sound. Two models I am considering are the Yamaha  EPH-100 or the Monster Turbine Copper Pro.  Music I listen to is mostly rock, with some Ambient and classical thrown in. Any input would be greatly...