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Mid to High-End IEM vs vs Low-End Custom CIEM

  1. cranda58
    Spyro - have you happened to listen to any of Piotr's Custom Art CIEMs? Curious how the JH5 compares to the Music Two.
  2. Spyro
    My only customs have been JH5, JH13 and JH16
  3. NicolasM
    Hey Spyro,
    To which universal IEMS could you compare the JH5 in terms of objective value (SQ). Like which Universal IEM should one buy to get an equivalent overall quality?
  4. Spyro
    Perhaps W30 with JH5 being a bit more cohesive and refined....and of course the perfect  ft.
     In a sound test I think it beats out TF10 Pro too.  Matches up well against most all triple and quad universals.
    Tough to beat  the seamless cohesiveness of the sound.
  5. NicolasM
    Thanks, in the end i let myself tempted with the Music Two from Custom Art, i'll write a review :)
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  6. davidcotton
    Don't forget that Piotr also sells second hand versions of his custom models.  Details here
    Though there isn't much there right now!  Got my music two's  a bit cheaper that way.
  7. JamesPTao
    I know this post is old but I currently own the triple fi 10's looking at custom. How much difference would you say there is between the most affordable jh and the 16's. Should i start with the cheapest or if I can afford it go straight for the 16's. Also, if you have experience, how much difference is there between the triple fi 10 and the jh5 or jh 16's
  8. Spyro
    Go to the top. TF10’s have terrible ergonomics and a very cloudy mid bass. The JH16’s are more holographic than JH5 but they sound similarly tuned.
    I have had Westone’s ES60’s for almost a year and those are my end game. Fantastic in every area and seem a bit more detailed and less bloated than JH16
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  9. JamesPTao
    Thank you for the reply. Yeah the main reason I want custom iems is the triple fi 10's hurt after a while. I have pretty small ear canals. Plus it would be nice to upgrade as I've upgraded my music collection to mostly 24 bit flack with some dsd and the lowest end just straight flak

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