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Looking for quick advice about Pro 990 250Ohm.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fballboy23, Mar 9, 2013.
  1. Fballboy23
  2. MadMolly
    Cant speak for the other two, but the dt990 sound right up your ally.  The only thing you may not like about it is the high treble.  I mostly use the dt990/250 for movies and gaming because of that.  As for an amp, whats your budget?
  3. Fballboy23
  4. MadMolly
    In that case, probably get the e10 since it's an amp/dac in one.  I would say the e9, but it's only an amp.
    Try doing a little reasearch on this topic, there are a lot of threads like this that you can find by simply searching google.
  5. Fballboy23
  6. MadMolly
    Looking at the e10 specs now.  Definitely not ideal, though some may disagree.  Perhaps you'd be better off with a more powerful amp like the Magni and just holding off on a dac for now.  The sound of the dt990 properly amped without a dac will sound better than it poorly amped with a dac.  The magni will power them just fine. 
  7. Fballboy23
  8. MadMolly
    Your gonna get all kinds of opinions here, haha.  Trust me, I lurked around the forums for 2 years before making my account.  It's always better to try things out yourself.  Reading other people opinion will only get you so far.
  9. Fballboy23
  10. Fballboy23
  11. MadMolly
    Hope you enjoy your setup [​IMG]
  12. Fballboy23

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