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Just got my Brainwavz B2's!

  1. Justlog
    Hey everyone, so last night(about 12PM to be precise) I checked the fridge to see if I can find anything to eat, and then I noticed a note that I assumed came in the mail that day, And I asked my mom "When did this arrive?", "Today" she said, I snatched the thing from the fridge ran to computer to cross the order number(My brother also ordered a pair of HM5's) and I was lucky to find that it was my order :D
    This morning, I went at about 9:30 AM to grab my package came back home, teared the thing apart and I could see my grin reflecting from the box :D

    After unboxing everything, I plugged them in and I was amazed.
    Bare in mind, till now my history with IEM's has just been some cheap In ears, Earbuds and some unknown brand that was actually quite nice.
    Till now, I have been using a pair of AKG K450's which was great but I always felt lacking detail and quality in the presentation and in the mid and especially the highs.
    Quickly I changed the ear tips to the supplyed Comply tips and I was just blown away by the quality of this things.
    P.S. Right now my best source is a Sansa Clip+, I got a unit of E10 on the way and I can't wait for it to arrive!
    Sorry for my writing, I can't really focus with these things in my ears :D
  2. Justlog
    Okay so after calming down, I have noticed that I'm getting a lot of harshness/siblibce and I was wondering if that is a problem with my source or my unit(I know there is some siblince on these but i didn't see anyone reporting such harshness/siblince on these).
    As i wrote in the first post, the best source I have ATM is a Sansa clip +
  3. mohdkhamsya
    Check of the filters are intact. Mine were without filters for almost a year and they were definitely harsh. If the filters are there well then just let your ears get used to the bright sound for a while.
  4. Justlog
    Could you please explain to me how can I check if the filters are intact?
    Forgot to ask, will the FiiO E10 be a good match with the B2's?
  5. mohdkhamsya
    Flash some light through the holes. You should be able to make out a filter. It should be a mesh type filter. I've no experience with a fiio e10. It does go well with a p51 mustang though. It also pairs well with my hisound 3rd anniv.
  6. Justlog
    I'll check, if mine did not come with filters I'll edit the post, either way, you mentiond th mustang P51 and the hisound 3rd anv, and I was wondering how much they cost.
  7. castleofargh Contributor
    I want to shout that B2 are utter ****, but hey I've been where you are now so I'll try to bring something on the table.
    out of all I've tested:
    - comply tips do a little but far from enough taming on the harshness.
    -as with er4, going deeper into your ear makes it better (but can you stand it?)
    - EQ !!!!!!!!  there are 2 nasty stuff going on, the huge bump at 10khz (who tuned that ****?) . i removed 5db and it was still bright, so just remove more depending on your personal tastes.
    the other weird thing is around 2khz i can't tell if it is some amazing distortion or the place where the crossover is (or both)? anyway I used to removed 2 or 3 db there just to stop focusing on it.
    a more radical EQ is to remove 5db from 2khz up to 10khz. you really end up with another IEM and it will sound strange at first, but it's not that bad of a signature.
  8. Justlog

    Just to make sure, by er4 you're talking about the etymotic tips?
    Now just to make it clear, I do not really feeling comfy about EQ the B2's without some guidance so unless you're willing to make some time for a complete stranger(Well I am in Head-Fi so I might be suprised :D), I won't really be comfortable EQ those IEM's.
  9. castleofargh Contributor
    no no, i said er4 for the IEM as an example of deep insertion (my bad). the deeper you put the b2 into your ear canal, the better the sound. (and it is the same for er4 IEM series)
    as for equalizer, I gave you the 2 ways i used to do it.
    with the clip+ rockboxed it shouldn't be too bad. just start with lowering the 10khz zone that is really much too high.
    for the rest of the spectrum it depends on what you like so you should just go by trial and error and take your time to find your own personal sweet spot.
  10. Justlog

    Thing is, I'll probably need to get some other tips since the comply that came with the B2 are way too big for me to get a deep insertion, and I can handle the deep instertion so it shouldn't be a problem, what about EQ the IEM on my foobar? how does that works?
  11. Nulliverse
    Honestly, you really shouldn't be worrying about equalizing at this stage. It's more than likely just a seal / insertion depth issue. The B2 are a fantastic IEM, but require a fairly deep insertion and good seal, otherwise they may sound thin, sibilant and tinny.

    Experiment with different tips, if you don't have any aftermarkets, look on the B2 or DBA-02 threads for recommendations. The narrower the bore diameter, the more the higher frequencies are attuned.
  12. Justlog
    thing is, I'm not sure which size I should get, I want to get some Tsx for extra comfort but I'm not quite sure which size I should get..
  13. Nulliverse

    Trial and error I'm afraid. Buy a variety of sizes (where finances permit), and soon enough you'll find the perfect match.

    I accumulated dozens of tips before discovering what was right for me. PM if you're not sure where to start... but more importantly, search the B2, DBA and CK10 threads for recommendations.

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