Help with buying DAC(soundcard)?
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Feb 13, 2013
Alright,so about a week ago i made a thread where i was deciding which headphone i should buy(XB500/XB700 alternative)..I decided to go with the ath-m50s..when i first i got them , i really liked how the headphone sounded, but i was pretty dissapointed with the bass(and i was mainly lookin for a headphone with a good bass..i know there are better headphones for that out there but whatever).So i thought maybe i had to get used to the sound of the headphone, or that it needed a burn in.So after a few days, i decided to try my headphones with my phone..And to my suprise, everything sounded waaay better,including the bass.. i was really really suprised, but that is how it was..But now i want to get the same , or maybe even better sound when i listen through my PC , but i have no idea how.What should i do ? Should i buy a DAC (i honestly am not even sure what that is) or should i buy a new soundcard, or is it the same thing ? I'd appreciate any help.Thanks
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The Galaxy S1 has a very nice dac built in, AFAIK. There's a couple threads here and on other forums comparing it to much more expensive DACs and still being competitive.
I was just suspicious about beats because you said the bass improved, since "beats audio" is nothing but a gimmicky eq setting that boosts bass and treble.
A good soundcard of external dac would be nice for your comp. What's your budget?
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like only around 100$ ..Dont want anything high-end ,just lookin for something that could work as good as my galaxy s.Is there something like that for this price ?

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