1. A

    Noise through headphones when pre-out is in use?

    Hey guys, I'm currently running a set of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pros through a FiiO E09K desktop amp. RCA input to the amp is from the rear 3.5mm jack of my computer. This setup normally works fine and has no background noise even when the amp is cranked up high. I recently introduced a set of JBL...
  2. Stanfoo

    Best portable DAC/AMP to pair with HD700?

    im currently using the Fiio E17 & E09K DAC/AMP combo. im looking to upgrade this for better sound. can someone list some worthy upgrades? dont have a budget, just looking for the best portable dac/amps   also it needs to have a optical input
  3. popcorn123

    Headphone Recommendations

    So I am new to these forums, and I am a teenager. I am looking for a good pair of closed headphones. I have looked at a number of forums have researched a lot of headphones I can't narrow down. I listen to everything from classical to rap. I would like a a flat headphone. I once tried beats and...
  4. Christopher

    Fiio E7 with E09K - channel imbalance and high pitched whine on output?

    I just received an E09K to pair with my (first gen) E7. I bought it given FiiO's confirmation that the post-September 2012 version of the E09K was fully compatible with it.   Unfortunately when I hooked it up to my PC and listened through the front output, this is what I heard:  ...
  5. SwordSaintSSX

    AKG k7xx Mids FiiO E09k

    Hey Guys, thought I'd share this with owners who own both the K7xx and the E09k. Just plugged straight in I foun the K7xx had a fairly strident Treble and one note bass, and very absent mids. I decided to spin the E09k's volumne to the far right, Set gain on high but place the sound on Foobar...
  6. Fedora

    Headphones are hissing on my windows computer

    I have a pair of MDR-V6 and they used to not hiss when I'd listen to music in foobar or watch movies in MPC-HC. I don't know what happened but now suddenly, and only on my pc, my headphones hiss. If I move the plug to the rear jack, the hiss is still there. I don't know what happened or what...
  7. kypron

    Audiophile wanna-be looking for best over ear headphone for trip hop

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new set of headphones, with possible a DAC and amp if needed.  The problem is, I can't really try out too many types at local stores due to limited selection where I am.  The main place I'll be using them is off of my pc, which has a Xonar DG in it, and I also have...
  8. Kinru

    Need some advice (headphones + amp/dac)

    Hey all,   As of right now I am using HD555s with the foam mod and just my motherboard's integrated sound. I bought the Titanium HD the other day (when it was $110 on amazon) and have been playing around with it today. Performed several blind tests with various quality songs (from 120kbps to...
  9. RevinNerd

    Comparison of these sub $200 headphones? (PLEASE HELP)

    So ive waited WAY too long to buy my first pair of actually good headphones (Ive been surviving on monoprice 8320s). Recently I've been set on Beyerdynamic Custom Pro Ones, but a friend is now telling me they don't really compare to Shure SRH440's (which are half the price), and that they are...
  10. kayan

    n00b audio guy needs new headphones, please help

    I currently own a pair of AKG K702 Anniversary headphones, and am looking for something new. The k702s are comfy for about an hour and then start to place pressure on top of my head. Whatever I get, I want big OVER-EAR pads, and to be super comfortable.  I like the sound of the 702s, but would...
  11. bpandbass

    AKG Q701 For treble sensitivity?

    I purchased the AKG K240, and I found with my current amp and DAC setup (Fiio E09k and E07K), the K240's spiky treble in the 10K htz region has been giving me inner ear pain, and the same has been happening with my Beyer DT880s. I have not had this issue with my Sennheiser HD518s.    I was...
  12. Bombaman

    Headphones and Movies Can they break?

    I wonder if i watch a Movie which suddenly has a loud bang noise ( crash,shot,explosion) can it break my Headphones ?   Here are a couple of examples form " No country for old man".     1:38   Explosion  ...
  13. DeadMerc

    Suggestions for new headphones.

    I have the Dt990 Pros right now, the left speaker is not working so I am sending them in for repairs. I am just going to try some new headphones though and sell these when I get them back. Really disappointing. I had them for 3 months. Anyway, I want headphones for gaming and music. I have a...
  14. HowToMLG

    Price:Performance Confusion ; HD600, Q701, Dt880/990

    So I've been reading through posts and threads to find all the comparisons of these 'phones, but there is never really a conclusion as to its price to performance ratio with specific numbers; In where I live, the HD600s are $500, Q701s are $279, and the DT880s/990s are $330. I get conclusions...
  15. TwelveTrains

    Can a cheap amp have a good potentiometer?

    Hey all,   In my experiences buying and trying different headphone amps, I've yet to really find a cheap amp that has a good pot. I want to be able to recommend something to my friends in the $100 dollar range. I tried the Schiit Magni, but the volume ramped up SO fast, I couldn't go beyond...
  16. Westbeach984

    Phone to order, Apps, FiiO setups, 3d virtual sound Senn 363d's

    Greetings!   I'm new to the audiophile world. I've spent time trying to grasp as much of the charts and concepts as I could, Impedance, Ohms, and so forth. I come to this community now with a scenario of what should I do. I will tell you what I have on the way as far as shipping, and ask your...
  17. MrVasarovsky

    X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion VS Realtek AC 1150

    Hello, Can you suggest, will getting Fatal1ty increase the sound performance over Realtek when using SPDIF to my Fiio E09K+E17 Combo?
  18. Stanfoo

    E09K and E17 Volume Which is louder?

    I have the E17 and I'm on max volume settings (12gain, 60volume) and I want more volume. Would getting the E09K and using it's volume controls over the E17 produce higher volume than the E17's max volume?
  19. Stanfoo

    Fiio E09K and E17 Not Working Properly

  20. Stanfoo

    Anyone have Fiio E09K and E17 please help

    Hello. Can someone tell me how far I have to turn the volume notch in the E09K to match the same volume that of 12gain 60volume in the E17?
  21. Stanfoo

    Fiio E09K Gain On = Bad?

    Is it bad if I set the gain on in the E09K? People recommend to turn it off, but I need the extra sound. What negatives from doing this?
  22. blackened247

    Fiio E07k/E09k trouble

    Hello, fellow headphone enthusiasts. This will be my first post. I seem to be having problems with my DAC/amp setup. I have a Fiio E09k hooked up to my windows 7 PC via USB, with an E07k Andes docked on top of it. There is no audio coming through my headphones from the output on the E09k. This...
  23. altomite


    Fiio E07k/Fiio E09K----------or-----------Schitt Magni/Schiit Modi????????   THANKS!!
  24. br34kb34t

    Fiio e17k/e09k setup to replace Nuforce udac-3?

    I'm currently using a Nuforce udac-3 but I'm thinking of switching to something that can be used as both a desktop dac/amp and a portable amp. I've been reading about the Fiio e17k/e09k pairing and this sounds like something that might work well for my needs. I'm wondering if anyone out there...
  25. evanhindra

    Upgrading from Fiio E17 + E09K, to Sony UDA1-B / ATH-A900 to Sony MDR-1R

    Hey all,      I've been contemplating of upgrading my Fiio E17 + E09K / AudioTechnica ATH-A900 combo, to Sony's UDA1B / MDR-1R; and I would like to hear your thoughts!   I really liked the way the Sony amp sounded, but that could also be Sony MDR-1R cans too and I wonder if it's worth the...