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Gotta grand to spend. JH16 or better chain?

  1. X-Ravin
    So I currently run a pair of Triple Fis with a Fiio e10. I don't have a portable setup yet as the TF10 is tough to move about with. I've got a grand to spend on upgrades and figured I'd see what's is recommended.

    I was considering the JH16 while it is on sale, but would getting a better chain be more bang for the buck and get the phones later?
  2. lin0003
    You probably should upgrade other stuff first. Get the Fiio X3 and the UM Merlin which costs about as much as a JH16. 
  3. Mimouille
    I would indeed get a ciem as good as possible then upgrade source progressively, because customs are long to get and hard to resell. Go JH16 if you really like bassy iems otherwise go JH13 (have not heard 13, but 16 was quite bass heavy). And consider TOTL universals too before going customs.
  4. KimChee
    If you like the TF10 sound signature the JH16 is a good upgrade.  
  5. Kurdt-bada
    If you like the tf10 you should check the fischer amps fa 4e you will save lot of money and sound is incredible they cost as the um3x and perform way above, a friend of mine received them today and agree with me in everything about them
  6. X-Ravin
    Thanks for all the advice.  I had forgotten about the lead time required for a custom so I went ahead and ordered the JH16s.  I read a lot of reviews and impressions on the high end phones and I think these will suit my tastes.  I may have enough to upgrade the gear by the time it arrives.  Which then leads to the gear question.  
    I suppose I should first get a decent source.  Was thinking the latest iPod Touch.  I've read that many say it has a great sound in and of itself  with IEMs which would be nice for high portability.  From there I was thinking of a DAC/Amp box that uses the USB digital audio.  Maybe the HP-P1?  I like what I'm seeing about the RSA Intruder, but I would prefer something that would use the digital out from the iPod.
  7. lin0003
    I would say an all kn one rig is best. For budget, get the X3 and if you have more money and don't mind the bulk, get the DX100 or HM901.
  8. X-Ravin
    Those players look interesting.  By best do you mean best price, portability, sound?  Or a good compromise of variables?  Most of my critical listening is at my desk at work so really transportability is key.  If I'm doing yardwork or housework I don't mind losing some quality going direct to the source.  In other words, I'd like to optimize for sound quality sitting at my desk (whether work or home).  I'd say my budget for gear would also be around 1k.
  9. lin0003
    I have the HDP-R10 which is IMO a superb player. 
  10. Mimouille

    I have had the DX100 and while it sounds very good, it is huge and has no battery life. If it is just on the go, then the X3 SQ should be far enough (from what I have read, do not own it). If you really want portability + SQ, to me the AK120 is the best compromise. It easily matches the DX100 SQ WITH IEMS and is more portable and with more battery.
  11. Azsamael
    Get the JH16s if you really like bass, other than that stick with the JH13s.
  12. Levanter
    Tested JH16 briefly but you could add 1964 Ears V6 into consideration.
  13. lightningfarron
    +1 for jh16 if you like bass and detailed sound.
  14. X-Ravin
    No need to convince me, I already bought them back on Sunday :D  Gotta ship out the impressions today.  Now I'm on the hunt for a good transportable audio chain.  I think I'm going to move that question over to the amp forum though.  Thanks to all for the advice!

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