1. X-Ravin

    Gotta grand to spend. JH16 or better chain?

    So I currently run a pair of Triple Fis with a Fiio e10. I don't have a portable setup yet as the TF10 is tough to move about with. I've got a grand to spend on upgrades and figured I'd see what's is recommended. I was considering the JH16 while it is on sale, but would getting a better chain...
  2. Matty87

    Audeze LCD 2 for semi-portable use from Fiio X3 + small amp. Would it still sound good?

    Hi guys   I've been looking for a new set of circumaural HP's since my Denon AHD2K's failed on me last week (the left cup stopped working, i replaced the headphone jack which has fixed the problem, but if the cord moves around a lot the music skips).   I keep coming across the Audeze LCD-2's...
  3. Stuff Jones

    Budget (<60 USD) IEMs to compliment X3?

    I am looking for some IEMs that will pair well with the X3, adding as much space and clarity as possible without doubling down on the strong bass of the X3.    One suggestion I've seen is the Monster Gratitudes. Anyone second this recommendation or have any other recommendations for the X3? 
  4. Sound Eq

    is there an in ear headphone with similar sound signature to mad dog pro

    hello guys   I have the bose in ear buds and boy they sound so bad and harsh that I don't know if this the sound signature in gerneal for in ear headphones as I like to venture from my full headphone size to an in ear. I like very much the sound signature of mad dogs pro so is there an in ear...
  5. terrapin13

    Over Ear Closed Headphones with Schiit Vahalla/Bifrost

    I listen to music all day at work - CD player via optical, Fiio X3 coax FLAC.  Currently I love listening with Sennheiser HD650 with a Schiit Vahalla with Bifrost Uber Analog.  I do not listen to the music at very high volumes - more interested in clarity and soundstage of the music.     Early...
  6. Nerb Handcraft FiiO X3 Leather Case

    Nerb Handcraft FiiO X3 Leather Case

    A nicely handcrafted leather case for the FiiO X3 digital audio player.