Audeze LCD 2 for semi-portable use from Fiio X3 + small amp. Would it still sound good?
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Jan 1, 2012
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Hi guys
I've been looking for a new set of circumaural HP's since my Denon AHD2K's failed on me last week (the left cup stopped working, i replaced the headphone jack which has fixed the problem, but if the cord moves around a lot the music skips).
I keep coming across the Audeze LCD-2's and sound like they are exactly what i'm looking for from a headphone. I know that these need an amp to shine, however i will not be investing in a desktop amp. The reason being is that i will be using them mainly only for home use (will be taking them on holidays etc.) however i never (or very rarely) just sit at a desk listening to my tunes. 
I will be more wearing them around the house while i'm moving about, so portability needs to be an option. The previous setup I had was the D2K's straight out of my iPod classic (which broke on me the day before my Denon's, was a hell of a depressing week). I found the sound from the iPod and Denon combo to be awesome, for me anyway, bass was great, clarity awesome etc. They were a fun combo for me.
I own a Fiio E5 which i bought more just to try out than anything, seeing as it was so portable. It provided more volume (however the iPod provided more than enough power for the Deonon's, i don't listen to music at mental levels of volume), however i did not notice any change in the QUALITY of the music, so rarely used it.
To replace the iPod, i'm planning to buy a Fiio X3, which has the Wolfson WM8740 DAC & AD8397 amp internally installed. I may invest in a better, portable amp down the road, i will look into it later on.
My main question is, moving on from the iPod classic, D2K combo, would the X3/ LCD2/ E5 combo be a step up in quality and enjoyment of the music? Like i said, i realize it may be stupid to get the LCD's without a great amp, but would it still be a fun, enjoyable setup and moving up from the previous setup?
I listen to a lot of styles of music - from metal/ rock/ alternative to classic, pretty much any genre.
Other headphones i was considering included the Fostex TH-600 & Hifiman HE-500, however the LCD-2's seem to have better bass than these, and i love punchy bass. Also found a place in Australia offering free 3 year warranty on the LCD2's which i thought was great.
Thanks, sorry for the long post.

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