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  2. pickleweed

    d2000 crackling?

    hey guys, just bought a pair of d2000's of the forums, and all was well.  but ive been listening to them for the last week, and im beginning to pick up on some sort of crackling/scratching happening in the upper mids region.  it varies from track to track obviously, but its either showing up...
  3. tomraymo

    Help choosing next headphone please and thanks!

    Hey,   So I've come across some extra money and I would like a new pair of headphones. I'm no audiophile, or anywhere near one. I Just like to listen to music. I love EDM music. It's pretty much all I listen to at the moment, but I do enjoy listening to all other genres.    I have the...
  4. cali_afroman

    New Heafier looking for advice for 2nd Purchase ( detailed answers needed)

    Ive been on Head-fi for a while now and done a fair amount of research and reading. I am currently looking at purchasing a second pair of headphones around the intro audiophile price range. Ive looked up some of the classics recommendation and have contemplating the following with my current...
  5. tom83

    Help choosing phones + amp

    Hi,   Apologies for yet another thread by someone new asking for consumer advice. I'm finding it hard to make decissions.   I'm in the market for some circumaural headphones (up to £200) and a portable amp. I listen to music all day at work in a busy office mostly from a HTC mobile...
  6. JoshNurse

    So many options I am so confused. Looking for headphones with good bass and over all great sound,

    At first I wanted these 2 options beyerdynamic DT 990 and  Headphone HE-400 but some people say they are open and people will hear all of my music. I want great sounding headphones but at least a little isolation. Now I am thinking of the Denon AH-D400 which people say have a bit more of...
  7. jjacq

    Anyone here only own 1 pair of headphones? How are you holding up?

    I own around 5 pairs, 2 of them I normally use on a daily basis. I'm thinking of selling the rest because first of all, I only have one head and secondly, I barely use them now) but I'm not sure if I'll miss them... Here's what I have:   Denon D2000(I use almost everyday) Sennheiser HD...
  8. DougofTheAbaci

    Relatively in-expensive closed-back full-sized headphone recommendations?

    I want to get my girlfriend a nice pair of headphones for Christmas. However, unlike me, she's not an audiophile. She does encourage me, though. Which is awesome, haha!   So what I'm looking for is a full-sized, closed-backed headphone that sounds good directly out of a laptop or iPhone...
  9. Magicman74

    Denon-What happened?

    Anyone still rocking the AHD 1000's?  IMO the best "Budget can they ever made.  I guess with the new line up they are trying to snag the " Beats" Crowd?   AHD 1000's with AHD 2000 Cable shortened down to 4 ft!!
  10. cableman5

    Upgrade Help Needed

    Hi everyone,   I have been a member for a long time, but never posted before (the community is so helpful that I always found everything without having to ask questions). I chose my first decent pair of headphones after spending months researching here. I ended up getting the Audio-Technica...
  11. skrat

    Denon d2000

    I really wish I could get a pair of these new but on amazon it'll run me about $550 =[ I feel like I can get a better set of cans for $550 that aren't discontinued. Does anyone know where else I can get a pair of brand new d2000s but cheaper? If not, what set of cans would be closest to the...
  12. krown

    Ultrasone 900, Denon D2k or Ultrasone 650+amp

    Hello,   This is my first post and it is really be gentle          So I have been doing a lot of research for the past week on deciding what cans to get and I have narrowed it down to either the Ultrasone Pro 900 or the Denon D2K. However, they are quite pricey and without any...
  13. tnastylax

    recommendations for first pair of headphones.

    ive been reading threads over different headphones but if im going to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones i figure i might as well try to get as much info as posible. I listen to a range of music so i guess an all around pair would be best- punk,indie,pink floyd,radiohead, phish kind of...
  14. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  15. JefferyK

    HD-650 burn-in?

    FedEx brought me a nice present today: a pair of Sennheiser HD-650s and a HeadRoom Maxed Out Home amp. Yahoo! One question, though: Any estimates on how long it takes HD-650s to burn in? Straight out of the box, connected via my Cardas cable, they sound a bit muffled. I know they'll open up...
  16. ineedbass

    Terrible experience with Beyerdynamic - need alternatives

    Sum up a long story; bought Dt 770 Pro 80s from Guitar Center online, right speaker stopped working after few months, sent headphones back 3 times in a row, sent me back refurbished pair and now audio seems to be cutting in and out, head person in charge of service repair was an *******, and I'm...
  17. tml09

    Closed Headphone blues

    Hey everyone.    After listening to my crappy 2.0 Logitech speakers for so long, I've decided that it's time to buy a new pair of headphones. Over the years, I've owned a few decent headphones, which I use about 70/30 for gaming and music respectively. These were the HD598, HD555, and the...
  18. kskwerl

    Cheapest place to buy D2000/5000s?

    Amazon is selling new ones for an insane amount of money. Any tips where I could buy new ones from?   I looked on the for sale forum
  19. Audionaut

    What' a far price for the Denon AH-D2000?

    Since they've been discontinued, what's a fair price for the Denon AH-D2000 in the current market?  What are some reasonable price ranges for new and for used?   Going headphone hunting on Friday and there's a shop nearby that might have them new for $350 USD.  Thanks.  
  20. captainsolo

    Advice on first decent headphone

    Hi all!   After many years of cheap headphones, tinkering, minute upgrades, radio work and joining audiophile boards I have decided to start upgrading all of my meager system one by one on a budget. I wanted to start with headphones because that is probably the one area where I've never had...
  21. DJBunyan

    New Can Recommendations - please help!

    Hey guys, this is my first post here on head-fi, but ive been lurking for a while. I apologize if there is a separate forum that i missed where new users are meant to introduce themselves; I'm writing this on my iPhone in the hotel in Tampa for the outback bowl (I play football for Michigan)...
  22. minkstole

    Denon ah-d2000 question

    Hey I received my new denon d2000 headphones today from Audiocubes. I notice on the box the model number is listed as ah-d2000-k. Anyone know what the 'K' stands for? I've not seen this on other pictures of the box or in unboxing videos. Cheers
  23. jamieuk147

    What hardware should I be using?

    Hi! I own some MA900 + Denon D2000 I have a yamaha V673 receiver and a Astro Pro 2013 Mixamp + Fifo E7 headphone amp. What setup should I be using for xbox gaming and watching bluerays? Also there are alot of DSP modes on my receiver!. Is it best to set straight, all though 7 channel steero...
  24. jamieuk147

    Headphones question about Denon D2000 and Sony MA900

    Ok so I am new to headphones and I own the above headphones. Have loved my MA900 since owning them but just got my Denon D2000 today and listeing to Frank sinatra, I did it my way. I straight away the Denon make them my MA900 sound rubbish!!   I instantly notice I am hearing every single...
  25. jamieuk147

    Closed headphones for on a plane?

    Love my Denon D2000 but just to large for walking around town abd on the plane. Anything else I could buy? Say around $300