Help choosing phones + amp
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Nov 4, 2012
[size=10pt]Apologies for yet another thread by someone new asking for consumer advice. I'm finding it hard to make decissions.[/size]
[size=10pt]I'm in the market for some circumaural headphones (up to £200) and a portable amp. I listen to music all day at work in a busy office mostly from a HTC mobile phone. I think i'd like a decent pair of closed back phones with good isolation. I've pretty much decided to buy a portable amp+DAC (Fiio E17 probably) then hopefully whenever possible I can use the DAC instead of my computer, phone laptop DACs.[/size]
[size=10pt]I listen to a variety of music so i'm looking for an allrounder. I'm considering:[/size]
[size=10pt]AGK K271 mk2 - £120 (too light on bass, even with an amp?)[/size]
[size=10pt]Audio-Technica ATH M50[/size][size=medium] - £135 (seems a good allrounder, easy to drive, is the amp a waste of money)[/size]
[size=10pt]Ultrasone HFI-780 - £160 (again easy to drive, reports that they're uncomfortable?)[/size]
[size=10pt]Denon AH-D2000 [/size]- £210 (pricey, so I need to spend this much, and if so are there better phones which i've overlooked?)
[size=10pt]Any help appreciated.[/size]
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Takstar Pro 80, sells on eBay for around 55 GBP.
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SoundMAGIC HP100 go for about 170 from

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