1. RenZixx

    Best headphones under 150$? (Not review)

    I got a budget of 150$ to get a pair of over ear closed back headphones since am bored of my HD-25 and need something new. Choices are brainwavz hm5, sennheiser HD 598 cs, m40x,etc. Mostly I would choose neutral more than coloured. If y'all have some mods please do share since I love moding...
  2. T

    The new Takstar pro82 impression threat

    The new takstar pro82 impression threat Hey people, I’m new in this forum so actually this is my first impression threat that I wrote so be gentle with me and keep that in mind, sorry for my English it is not my native language :) Disclaimer, I’m not came from professional sound backround...
  3. tom83

    Help choosing phones + amp

    Hi,   Apologies for yet another thread by someone new asking for consumer advice. I'm finding it hard to make decissions.   I'm in the market for some circumaural headphones (up to £200) and a portable amp. I listen to music all day at work in a busy office mostly from a HTC mobile...
  4. Ikboy36

    Best Headphones in the $80-$130 range

    I listen to a wide range of music so they need to cater to all music types. I generally prefer Over-ear, but would be willing to go for On-ear as well. I will be wearing them in public so they need to be reasonably stylish and comfortable, but this is not my Main priority. The main contenders...
  5. theurbanhippie

    ATH M-50 vs. Onkyo ES FC-300 vs KRK KNS 8400

    Hey all! I'm narrowing my choices for my next set of cans to replace the old garbage I'm using now, and I'd really like the input! The first contender is the ever-popular ATH M50. I know they're the go-to set for most people who are just getting into the game or looking for a nice pair they...
  6. KJSmith

    Headphones near the $100 range

    Hi!   Definitely someone new to buying a more expensive set of headphones. I'm looking to buy a new set of headphones and have a budget of around $100. (Yes, I know a really good pair could cost a lot more...but when I've only really used what has come with a product I have bought...this is...
  7. pro1137

    Like DT770, but portable?

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a headphone that sounds like the DT770 Pro, but is more portable.  Must be closed-backed I have a cMoy BB V2.03 amp. Budget is around $200 at max. I've taken into consideration the Takstar Pro 80, considering how I love the open-backed brother of it, the...
  8. jigglywiggly

    Sealed headphones under 100$, a bit bassy and comfy?

    So I had the dt-770s and they broke. They were very comfy, and they sealed okay.   I currently have the takstar hi-2050s, and they sound nice, but they are open.     I know about the takstar pro 80 headphones, but they will take forever to be delivered.   Any other headphone...
  9. rockket

    best value <$300 unamped headphones?

    any suggestions for good value sub-$300 cans that sound good unamped?   my priorities are:   1) sound - think i lean towards details/"fun" sound, don't like overly-analytical 2) comfort/not too heavy 3) sound stage   from what i can tell, the senn 598s fit these, but i'm not...
  10. bhazard

    American Audio ETR1000B High Performance DJ Headphones DJ Etronik Signature Edition

    Just saw these as a new product over at Parts Express. These headphones seem like there could be an OEM version of these out there, much like how Takstar Pro-80 = Gemini HSR-1000. Anyone seen something like these or heard these before?  ...
  11. EnigmaticLife

    Recommendations for new headphones under 150

    Hey!   I always thought beats were ridiculously overrated/priced and never got a pair even when they became the craze on my basketball team. I'm about to head off to college in SoCal now and I decided its time for me to spend the money to get a nicer pair of headphones. I always like to...
  12. ehraihcn

    Best Headphones for studying???

    I just got accepted into a graduate program and will be doing a lot of studying (preferably with headphones on), so I'm curious which ones would be best for me... The following features are important to me: - $125 max, but prefer more of an $80 pricetag - Good audio quality.  I listen...
  13. Ninjax

    Best over ear headphone £50 ($80)

    I am looking for a pair of comfortable headphones which sound nice with voices (for movies), rock, electronic and chill groove. So far I've come to the conclusion that the Creative Aurvana Live fits the bill. Any other ideas? Oh yeah, I love my bass!
  14. bananus

    surround sound or stereo?

    I'm pretty much an audiophile noob, and I am looking for a headphone which will be used mostly for gaming but also listening to music and watching movies. I don't have a sound card, but my pc has dolby advanced audio. I will also use the headphone on my ps4. Now here comes my question: Should I...
  15. kezzo

    Gaming headset choice

    i have creative sb recon 3d usb sound card.   should i sell it and buy a gaming headset with usb dongle or keep creative soundcard and buy audiophile 50+ ohm headphones like sennheiser, akg etc.   i ll use for gaming, movies and music on pc
  16. marone

    Have TakStar Pro80 and Looking for the Next Step Up...Got Bored

    Exhibiting tremendous restraint and not just leaping to a pair of 800's, I have slowly moved up the value / SQ chain with 20 pairs of cans. What would be the next good step up from the Pro80's? Closed or Open is fine. I listen to rock, jazz, current Asian pop, classical, prog, kraut, very...
  17. pumaX

    Headphones for a beginner

    Hello. I am looking to buy new headphones with the budget of ~100€. Right now I just have my (bad?) headset. I've been thinking of Superlux HD 668-B's and as they're semi-open do they leak much sound? Like can someone hear my music from another room or from a three meter distance? Any other...
  18. Hydralisk86

    Was recommended the Takstar 80 (if i got the name right), looking for more recommendations.

    Someone recommended me the Takstar Pro80 Headphones for headphones around $100. I looked them up on amazon.com, and i found 3 versions of the Takstar Pro80 being sold there. Are they good?  Which Takstar Pro80 is the best?  How do they hold up against the Audio Technica m40x?
  19. aaronchan10

    Alternatives to the ATH-M50 around $100

    Hi everyone,   I know next to nothing about headphones, and this would be my first serious purchase. I've been doing quite a bit of reading, and it seems like there's both a lot of good and a lot of bad written about the ATH-M50s. I've also got a few other options to think about:   Sony MDR...
  20. whirlwind

    Best Closed Headphones For Rock....Under $100

    I don't know much about closed cans.....I need a closed can that is easy to amp and good for rock....must be under $100   Need this for a gift by June 15th.   Thanks for any input
  21. xxtorontoxx

    Need advice! Please help newb here!

    Ok so basically I have been researching like crazy looking into my first pair of headphones. Im not sure about used so my budget for a bnib pair is 150 or a bit lower would be better. Below are what I have narrowed if down to tell me which one would be best or if any others are worth looking...
  22. fightmyass

    Takstar pro80 abd beyerdynamic 770 80/250 comparison

    Hey hey. Can anyone compare these headphones? Their advantages and weaknesses. I'm asking coz there is a big difference in price. Nad in the same time ppl say pro80 sounds even better than 770. sorry for my english
  23. dnasci

    Over-ear < 100$

    Which is the best phones I can get for less than 100$?    I had Pioneer SE-290 but they die (sound was fuzzy). I'm thinking on Pioneer SE-390... Which do you recommend?      PS: I'm nothing else than a newbie asking for suggestions but 2 feedback: 1) Change the forum to HTTPS (all...
  24. Matas

    Need recommendations for headphoned mostly for out-door usage; budget ~50$ (completely new to headphones)

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your beloved music with awesome headphones. And that's what I want to ask you about : headphones. Firstly, I want to say that I have never used headphones in my life. But now I want to try headphones because of a sound quality that (I...
  25. newblack

    best headphones with a good bass under 100$ or 50$?

    i want to buy a new headphones! i like the headphones have a good base and sound quality under 100$ or 50$   Thanks :D