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The new Takstar pro82 impression threat

  1. TAKStarter (:
    The new takstar pro82 impression threat

    Hey people, I’m new in this forum so actually this is my first impression threat that I wrote so be gentle with me and keep that in mind, sorry for my English it is not my native language :)

    Disclaimer, I’m not came from professional sound backround just “seek” like most people on this forum :) this is my very first impression threat but defentlly not first headphones.

    Build Quality

    so first of all when I get this headphones from the bag, yes they arrived without the original BOX, when I got them they feels very light weight, before I open the box I wonder if there are any headphone at all :)

    So inside the BOX they were inside the carry bag, actually nice and soft, my swimsuit made from similar materials hehe, when I finally got them from the swimming suit bag I was surprised in a good way, I have the pro 80, they feels and looks very industrial in with very simple design, good but very in Spartan the pro82 look and feels much more moden and complex design, much more compact,

    Those are different beast in design perspective, they remind me very much Sony MDR 1A very alike but by no mean not some kind of cheap copy, the build quality seems like everything put right together, there is lot of plastic in these headphones,however the cans it self are made from metal, the constriction feels good but only time will tell.


    The pads are very soft with nice cushion, in of most my headphones I swapped the pads because I love comfort that is essential to my long listings sessions, so in that case I wasn’t think about that option, they make from pleather, they are small but very comfortable, I have big ears despite that the pads holes big enough to include my whole ears inside them, the headband made from same pleather materials very nice and comfortable overall I think that because they very light weight it helps to the ergonomics so no complains in this department.


    I think that if they does not sound good they won’t deserve my Impression and the time I spent to wrote that thread, I want to mention that I won’t find any information on these cans until Z reviewed them, so I want to share my initial impression and maybe I can help people to decide if this headphones worth to buy.

    So let’s talk about the sound, the cans of this headphones are relatively small, they compact overall, so maybe that is why they does not provide great sound stage, of course the main reason is that they are closed type, but the cups are small I this sound does not have much space inside, the pro 80 has better sound stage I think, not great but more open, the filling when you listing with these headphones is that you sit in small room and listen private concert :)

    The imaging is OK I feel like music playing behind me little bit, because it is small room not to fat, there are no space to move :)

    I use SMSL 793 DACamp so may be it is because the amp I really don’t know, anyway it is not happening in all headphone.

    Let’s talk about the benefits, they are very transparent, they has more clarity than the pro80, and I love the pro80 they are very clear to my ears, so the vocal presence are very good, I’m really impressed, the instrument presentations are very good, I love V shape preset so I tune all my headphones to V shape these show them self in a good way with my presets with no exception.

    The pro82 has very nice feature in the low ends, they has switch between bass presence, I love the middle mode, when the switch numb are closed the pass presence is very small and they sound more flat, when you switch the bass knob the bass come to live, the mode 3 it is too much for me, the bass become boomy and feels little muddy, but the mids and the highs won’t break apart from the bass.

    My conclusion

    These cans cost me about 63$ and I this they are defiantly worth every penny I spent on them, they actually arrived very fast, less than 2 weeks from china, as I mentions I order them without the original box because with the box they cost about 20$ more, what can I tell, they are very portable I can easily drive them with my Galaxy S8 and they still sound good with good bass response from mobile phone, they has 40mm very efficient driver, detachable cable 2.5mm – 3.5mm that are very nice as well, and they are very comfortable so yes I can recommend them :) hope you love my impression I would love to hear feedbacks good or bad, I have many headphones that I can make another impression, I wrote what I has you can ask and I love to help if I can, sorry if the sound description wasn’t professional enough :)

    I brought them from aliexpress I will put the link Here.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017

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