1. Shanling BA1 Desktop Hi-Fi Bluetooth Receiver

    Shanling BA1 Desktop Hi-Fi Bluetooth Receiver

    Hi-Fi Sound By using dedicated Hi-Fi ESS Sabre ES9218P DAC and amplifier, BA1 offers an impressive sound quality and will be an equal partner for your speaker or headphone rig. Ultimate Bluetooth Connectivity Combining the Bluetooth 5.0 with the support of high-quality Bluetooth codecs, BA1...
  2. K

    Purchase advice: Which ear-fitting headphones meeting these criteria should I buy?

    Hi there, hello, My current headphones are falling apart more and more, it's time for new ones! In the search for the right model I have a rather restrictive catalog of criteria, so that best lists and recommendations found on the Internet are only moderately helpful (even the otherwise very...
  3. 1618968483529.jpg


    Bakoon VHA5240 , for portable HeadphoneAmp / VR Head Set
  4. Barusu Lamperouge

    Best Budget Hi-Fi IEM and Headphones in India (under ₹7k i.e. ~$100)

    There are tons of threads about Mid-fi and TOTL threads but none for the budget category where most of the buyers are concentrated at. Is it possible to get a great IEM without having to shell out crazy amount of money? It sure is, with or without AliExpress. So this thread is basically a thread...
  5. Loxjie D30

    Loxjie D30

    DAC chip: AK4493 Format support: PCM up to 32 bit / 768 kHz, DSD up to DSD512 Inputs: USB, Optical, Coaxial Bluetooth: Apt-X DNR: 121 dB Line out: RCA up to 3 V Headphone out: 6.35 mm Power supply: 110/220 V AC
  6. Drue

    Arya and Aeolus are my perfect pair.

    My perfect pair. I’ve been through many pairs of headphones and a number of IEMs trying to find my perfect yin and yang combination. The Aeolus and Arya are such a fantastic pair. It is such an immediate difference in how they both present sound and switching between the two keeps them both...
  7. R

    Focal Clear Pro Headphones

  8. revokasi

    Repair Death Planar Headphone (broken trace), DIY method. Explained.

    Please watch the video of my own. Planar Headphone repair actually posible, Based on frequency response measurement, it has good result. Applicable on all mylar base headphone. Not applicable for non mylar base headphone (audeze). Simple method, but need a soldering skill. Its hifiman HE400se...
  9. 1612821241039.jpg


    Grado GS1000, Bakoon Products HDA5230, FURUTECH ADL Y CABLE, LG V40(Smartphone)
  10. F

    Anyone located in Moskau who can pick me up a headphone?

    Hi, don't know where to post so I do it here. Is there any (well) known member from here located in moskau? I would love to buy a headphone from hdhouse.ru but they don't really support shipping to Germany. Do you know anyone? Thanks a lot.
  11. Hicamajig

    Headphone Buffet Recommendations

    I currently have the Sennheiser HD 598 SR and a pair of vintage HD 424 as well as a Modi + Magni Schiit stack connected to my MacBook Pro primarily playing HIFI/Master streams from Tidal plus some FLAC. I am currently thinking of expanding my headphone collection to include more of a variety of...
  12. Telin

    Good AIO?

    Heya, I'm on the look for a decent/good DAC/HeadAMP in one solution to able to easily plop down insert power cord and headphones and ready to go. It doesn't have to be portable (battery powered) but it must be one box so it's easy to bring and setup in another room or bring on one of my...
  13. lucasdepalma

    What do you guys think of this supposedly USB AMP DAC?

    Hi y'all! I'm wondering, what do you make of this USB AMP DAC? I'll add the link to it below. It's $40 approximately ($6.500 argentine pesos). Would it be somewhat similar to a Fiio E10k for example? I mean, like a cheap but acceptable replacement? Would you recommend it? I own a pair of Samson...
  14. daydreamer88

    Headphone Recommendation

    Hi guys. Im searching for a flat response wireless headphone. currently I'm using ATH M50X which is a wired one and i need an upgrade. My budget is around 300 USD and I'm specifically looking for a wireless headphone to connect to my tab. Please suggest some flat response headphones which fits...
  15. Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest

    Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest

    The RR1 Conquest is a Circumaural Electrostatic headphone. The RR1's chassis is made up of several different materials. The headband assembly is machined Aluminium. Sourced by our neighbor - Hindalco Industries. The headband harp is Spring Steel, the hardening process is done in-house to meet...
  16. jklimek

    Recommendation for AMP (and DAC?) for Beyer DT990 Pro (250 ohm) and DT770 (80 ohm) ?

    I've had beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (80 ohm) for a long time but I wanted to try an open-back so I also purchased DT990 Pro (250 ohm). I really like the DT990 and I think I might prefer open-back, but the high-pitch treble is a bit noticeable. Still, I got a great deal on the limited edition...
  17. Dobrescu George

    Internet Radio with DAB | WR-230S

    Product Features Internet Radio with Digital DAB/DAB+/FM Wireless and Wired LAN (Ethernet RJ45) connection Stereo - two speakers Bluetooth Connection (to play on radio) UPnP/DLNA compatible network audio streaming 20,000+ Stations with 99 Favorite Presets 2.4” Dimmable Colour Screen Dual Alarm...
  18. AKG K371

    AKG K371

    Whether you’re a musician, engineer, podcaster, video editor or content producer, you’re always in creative mode. AKG K371 Professional Studio Headphones strike the perfect balance between studio-quality sound, plush comfort, and a sleek, sturdy design that stands up to your mobile lifestyle...
  19. Shabda

    Do I need/want a pre-amp?

    Hi All, i’m confused, what’s a pre-amp for anyway? background: currently deciding between magni 3, heresy and atom amp to drive my incoming 58x’s. I want to run the source via a lightning to rca (for iphone) straight to the amp for simplicity sake but wondering how the pre-amp figures into all...
  20. D

    AKG K72 vs Shure SRH240a vs Shure SRH440

    Looking for a cheaper headphone that is not too bassy and is comfortable, which one is the best to pick out of these three?
  21. Soundaware A1X national multifunctional streaming music player Roon DLNA Airplay SD card DSD256 PCM384

    Soundaware A1X national multifunctional streaming music player Roon DLNA Airplay SD card DSD256 PCM384

    PRODUCT DETAILS Item specifics Brand Name:SOUNDAWARE APP Control:ios APP Control:Android Built-in HDD:No Bluetooth:Yes Inputs:USB Type-A Inputs:SD Cards Inputs:Optical (SPDIF) Material:Metal FM/AM Tuner:No Remote Control:Yes Network:Wired LAN Outputs:RCA Outputs:3.5 mm Outputs:6.5 mm Input...
  22. Strif3

    Help please with AMP/DAC

    Hello friends, for the past 3-4 months i have been looking for a DAC with Headphone amp for my desktop/office setup, i want to upgrade from my old Technics integrated amp to something more modern and better. Everything is fine till the matter at hand where i had to buy the damn product , because...
  23. erotimatic


  24. Audio Analogue PureLine AAdac

    Audio Analogue PureLine AAdac

    AAdac The new AAdac is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento and AAphono, it is a product that perfectly fits in the Audio Analogue philosophy: its simple design, its remarkable sound performances and its great care for the finish and for the materials and parts selection...
  25. Mediahound

    Should silver-plated copper cables be avoided?

    I have seen two sources stating that silver-plated copper should be avoided in cabling due to the two materials interacting with each other over time and causing oxidation. One is a study from NASA here: https://nepp.nasa.gov/docuploads/97164203-A4FB-479A-A075C918D51DD81E/ESA Red Plague.pdf...