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Alternatives to the ATH-M50 around $100

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  1. aaronchan10
    Hi everyone,
    I know next to nothing about headphones, and this would be my first serious purchase. I've been doing quite a bit of reading, and it seems like there's both a lot of good and a lot of bad written about the ATH-M50s. I've also got a few other options to think about:
    1. Sony MDR 7506
    2. AKG 240
    3. Sennheiser HD 449
    I don't listen to just one genre, so I'm looking for a pair with both decent bass and treble, an all-around good beginner's set of headphones. I'm definitely not limited to just these options. My price range is around $100, and I don't really want to go much higher than that. Any advice or suggestions?
  2. Me x3
    You should also consider Takstar Pro 80 (or Gemini HSR-1000 same headphones)
    And, Logitech UE6000 (This can be found under 100 nowadays)
    Best Luck!
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  3. LostInMyDream
    V-Moda recently dropped their M80 to $150 and it will be a solid alternative to ATH M50.
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  4. zunehdrocks
    Donscorpio dolphin
    m audio q40 (if you are a basshead this is great)
    House of marley exodus (haven't heard them but tyll likes them)
    yamaha pro300
  5. cel4145
    +1 on the Donscorpio Dolphins. I recently got a pair. Great sound.

    The UE6000 are another good pair to look into. :)
  6. aaronchan10
    Do you know of any takstar pro 80s with just a straight cord?
  7. aaronchan10
    Donscorpio dolphins? I tried googling these, but couldn't seem to find any sellers...
  8. aaronchan10
    Where did you get your dolphins from? I can't seem to find a seller...
  9. cel4145
    Penon Audio: http://penonaudio.com/index.php?route=product/manufacturer/info&manufacturer_id=45
  10. zomgpront
    There also happens to be a used pair of them going up on the trades forum (if you don't mind used, of course).
  11. zanderwebb
    Just saying, dont count out the M50's yet.. They are AMAZING! Would recommend getting a little amp for them to for DAT BASS[​IMG]
  12. cel4145
  13. aaronchan10
    Yeah, I've heard they're really good, but I don't listen to much bass-intensive music. And the price tag is just out of my reach :wink:
  14. aaronchan10
    Thanks! I see they're a foreign company. Safe to order from?
  15. cel4145
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