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  2. Ikboy36

    Best Headphones in the $80-$130 range

    I listen to a wide range of music so they need to cater to all music types. I generally prefer Over-ear, but would be willing to go for On-ear as well. I will be wearing them in public so they need to be reasonably stylish and comfortable, but this is not my Main priority. The main contenders...
  3. lopopo

    Suggestions for Headphones around $100~150

    Hi guys, I am new here! I used to be an IEM guy, I own a pair of sennheiser IE6, but it broke :(. Recently, I am getting interested in over ear headphones. I read up about closed vs open but still can't really decide which is better and to be honest, still quite confused on the technical...
  4. fdl1987

    Looking for closed hearphones with screw-on 6,3mm adaptor

    Hi everyone! Hope you're doing good in the beginning of this year! I am new on this forum so do not hesitate to move my thread somewhere else if needed. I tried to look at various old threads but none could answer clearly my question so I hope you'll be able to help me! I'm looking for...
  5. KetchupNinja

    Best closed headphones for late night movies/gaming ~$150.00?

    I'm mostly looking for something to use at home without waking up the family.  I've been looking into the Creative Aurvana Live!, ATH-M50's and Ultrasone HFI-580's but I'm not sure which of these would be better, but I'm open to any other suggestions.  I'm going to be plugging them into a Asus...
  6. Noahjaws

    Best Headphones for Under $150?

    Looking for some good headphones for under $150.     Looking at the Shure 840, ATH-M50le with a detachable cable, and BRAINWAVZ HM5   I Currently own Sony-XB700 (Bass kind of Drowns out mids)   I listen to Alternative and Indie mostly   If i were to get any of the headphones...
  7. KJSmith

    Headphones near the $100 range

    Hi!   Definitely someone new to buying a more expensive set of headphones. I'm looking to buy a new set of headphones and have a budget of around $100. (Yes, I know a really good pair could cost a lot more...but when I've only really used what has come with a product I have bought...this is...
  8. bhazard

    American Audio ETR1000B High Performance DJ Headphones DJ Etronik Signature Edition

    Just saw these as a new product over at Parts Express. These headphones seem like there could be an OEM version of these out there, much like how Takstar Pro-80 = Gemini HSR-1000. Anyone seen something like these or heard these before?  ...
  9. ehraihcn

    Best Headphones for studying???

    I just got accepted into a graduate program and will be doing a lot of studying (preferably with headphones on), so I'm curious which ones would be best for me... The following features are important to me: - $125 max, but prefer more of an $80 pricetag - Good audio quality.  I listen...
  10. moonmaster345

    Upgrade from the famed Monoprice 8330

    These headphones have been amazing to me, indestructable, sound quality is good comparing to my old Sennheisers, and im considering an upgrade from these bad boys, specifically in the $50-$85 dollar range in the Miami FLorida area, but i can buy online.   Ive been thinking of some audio...
  11. aaronchan10

    Alternatives to the ATH-M50 around $100

    Hi everyone,   I know next to nothing about headphones, and this would be my first serious purchase. I've been doing quite a bit of reading, and it seems like there's both a lot of good and a lot of bad written about the ATH-M50s. I've also got a few other options to think about:   Sony MDR...
  12. whirlwind

    Best Closed Headphones For Rock....Under $100

    I don't know much about closed cans.....I need a closed can that is easy to amp and good for rock....must be under $100   Need this for a gift by June 15th.   Thanks for any input
  13. xxtorontoxx

    Need advice! Please help newb here!

    Ok so basically I have been researching like crazy looking into my first pair of headphones. Im not sure about used so my budget for a bnib pair is 150 or a bit lower would be better. Below are what I have narrowed if down to tell me which one would be best or if any others are worth looking...
  14. dnasci

    Over-ear < 100$

    Which is the best phones I can get for less than 100$?    I had Pioneer SE-290 but they die (sound was fuzzy). I'm thinking on Pioneer SE-390... Which do you recommend?      PS: I'm nothing else than a newbie asking for suggestions but 2 feedback: 1) Change the forum to HTTPS (all...
  15. Matas

    Need recommendations for headphoned mostly for out-door usage; budget ~50$ (completely new to headphones)

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your beloved music with awesome headphones. And that's what I want to ask you about : headphones. Firstly, I want to say that I have never used headphones in my life. But now I want to try headphones because of a sound quality that (I...
  16. naurto75

    Looking for reccomandtation for a 100$ range over the ear headphones

    Hey guys I am new to this forum and have a few question. Ive recently built my self a pc and am looking for a pair of headphones. These headphones will be used for gaming and listening to extreme metal music. They will be used strictly at home so do not need to be portable. I am looking for a...
  17. B

    Ath m50 vs pc 360

    Hello im just wondering what is the best between both for sound quality    Im not hard on headphone comfort im the dumbass that wear 2$ headphone lol   my ear hurt i dont care lol         For music and gaming but in first music       Will be drived from my Asus M5A99FX Pro  pretty good...
  18. newblack

    best headphones with a good bass under 100$ or 50$?

    i want to buy a new headphones! i like the headphones have a good base and sound quality under 100$ or 50$   Thanks :D 
  19. Electro

    Best headphones under 150 for Rock, Grunge, Punk, etc?

    Any ideas? For my sister, so keep style in mind please.
  20. Virtax

    200$ Gaming and Music headphones

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a good headphones for music (Dubstep, Electro etc..) and for gaming (CoD, BF, MMO games etc..), I do not need an microphone.   Currently I have the SteelSeries Siberia V2 hooked up to my Asus Xonar DG, When I will buy the new headphones I will buy the Asus Xonar...
  21. Outlaw21k

    Newbie looking for solid advice.

    I work in a moderately loud company. I have a small budget, but I have a NOONTEC Zorro headset and a FiiO E6 amp in my Amazon cart. I am looking for a total of nothing more than $120 total for both (Present,y just under $100).    My question is, are these good together? And is it a good buy...
  22. Finlay09

    Best Home Theater Headphones sub $150 (not an audiophile) (Help much appreciated)

    Hey everyone, I've been creeping these forums for a while now, many a Google search has led me through here, and I figure the most effective way to find exactly what I need is to get in here and try to find an answer specific to me and my needs as I think everybodys wants / needs are...
  23. A

    Best Circumaural and In-Ear Headphones for Rock- want low, mid and high to be reproduced accurately as it would be Live

    I have been searching the forums and have been unable to come to any certain conclusions.  It seems a lot of people say certain headphones would be good for a certain type of music and then I read a statement that is either contradictory or leads me to believe the other persons opinion would not...
  24. luciferzexii

    Plz advice me some budget headphone!!!

    Hi guys, i need your help to recommend some of the budget headphone that suit for classical and vocal music. I prefer those could give a relaxing sound and comfort to wear since i feel that my sony V7506 is quite sharp and hard to have a long and relax time for listening to music. my budget is...
  25. jam3s121

    $150-$250 help finding good all rounders,

    I know theres a thread but I felt like what I was going to be posting was very long and I keep getting the same reponses that I don't feel are what I'm looking for.    I currently own AD700s, with a titanium HD sound card. Main listening will be at home on my pc, but I am not opposted to...