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Best Headphones for Under $150?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by noahjaws, Jan 23, 2013.
  1. Noahjaws
    Looking for some good headphones for under $150.  
    Looking at the Shure 840, ATH-M50le with a detachable cable, and BRAINWAVZ HM5
    I Currently own Sony-XB700 (Bass kind of Drowns out mids)
    I listen to Alternative and Indie mostly
    If i were to get any of the headphones listed above, would a portable amp be beneficial when used with an Iphone 4s?
    If so, what is better: Fiio E6 oe Fiio E11.  Would the E11 be worth the higher price?
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Takstar Pro 80 (Gemini HSR-1000) closed headphones, $80.
    Fiio E11.
  3. MalVeauX
    Brainwavz HM5. With a Fiio E11. It's worth the extra cost, if you want better control of power/volume. HM5 is a warm neutral headphone with great pads, isolation, detachable cable, etc.
    Very best,
  4. tdockweiler
    Try to find the Koss Pro DJ100/Tony Bennett at Tuesday Morning for $50. It's the best headphone to my ears that's closed for under $200.
    I prefer it to the M50, SRH-840 and a lot of others.
    You can then spend the extra $100 on the Magni for it [​IMG]
    BTW if you want to demo it, you can find it at Best Buy in the pro audio section.
    With the Magni it's quite balanced, but has slightly forward upper mids and slightly more than neutral bass. It's not bass heavy.
    I think it's only as good as what it's connected to despite being a budget 38ohm headphone.
  5. Noahjaws
    . I appreciate your input, but the amp is will get will be portable
  6. Magicman74

    +1, I know we are really the only guys still talking about these but I'll say this is the best $50 I've EVER spent on any audio product!!
    These cans are just amazing!!  I still say a small amp is needed tho.  Recommend a Neutral/Slightly mid forward amp tho.  I use a E11 on the go and it works well but it's a little fuzzy sounding to me at least. At home I use a M-stage with LT1364 and it's a perfect match.  For on the go I'd look at the C&C BH
    From the reviews it seems like a nice neutral portable..  I've not heard it myself but at $100 it seems like a good deal..
    So both these would set ya back $150 or so, I'd think you be hard pressed to find a better set up at that price. 

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