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Headphones for a beginner

  1. pumaX
    Hello. I am looking to buy new headphones with the budget of ~100€. Right now I just have my (bad?) headset.
    I've been thinking of Superlux HD 668-B's and as they're semi-open do they leak much sound? Like can someone hear my music from another room or from a three meter distance?
    Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Youth
    Takstar HI2050 (open), Takstar TS-671 (open) or Takstar Pro 80 (closed). Buy them from aliexpress.com to get them cheaper :)
  3. nimaina
    Check out the NVX Audio XPT100 if they're available in your area.
  4. billybob_jcv

    It depends on the volume you listen at, and what other sound is in the room. The next room is doubtful, but 3 meters away is possible.
  5. DieForSurviving
    Do you have any ideas of what your preferred sound is?

    Analytical or Emotional (Fun) sound?

    What kind of qualities? Deep Sub Bass? Spacious sound? Detail? Do you want it to be kind about the source? ETC.

    Any size preferences? On-Ear, Over-Ear, On-face? or maybe in ears?

    Detachable cable a must?

    Would you consider going cheaper on the headphone (for now) and get a DAC and/or AMP? And upgrade the headphone later?

    order of prioritys: Sound, comfort, and looks. whats most important and least important.

    If you answer these questions, it makes the search for what headphone to get you a lot easier.
  6. KG Jag
    It sounds like closed cans will work best for you.  Beyond that...
    What equipment will be feeding and powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp?
    What is the format of your music and other sounds will you be putting into these cans?
    Describe the sound signature that you are seeking?
    If you don't know your preferred sound signature (and even if you do), what genres of music do you plan to run through these cans?
    Do you plan to use them outside your home?  If so, in what way & with what equipment?
  7. 2gumby2
    I really like my Sennheiser HD439 headphones. Great sound for the price. Another high value headphone is the Sony MDR-ZX600.
  8. blse59
    I think Sony MDR-V6 or Grado SR60 are good beginner headphones. The Grado SR60's were my first 'good' headphones.
  9. DieForSurviving
    Since we are not getting preferences, I'd recommend the Audio Technica's M40x.


    M-Series Comparisons HERE.

    M40X is also on sale on Amazon HERE for under $100.

    The M-Series from audio technica is generally good for beginners. M20x are still cheap but sound great, then from there are small upgrades.


    If your a Bass Head, I would instead recommend finding a pair of headphones that are preferably somewhat neutral, but can handle high volumes, and get a Amp with a Bass boost feature.


    Else some of the headphones others are mentioning are also good choices. Grado for example. or the Sennheisers.

    Superlux I can partially recommend, as they seem to trade off build quality for sound quality. so if your going to be taking great care of them, sure why not.
  10. KG Jag
    Since the OP has not shown up for 6 days and has only one post on this board, I don't think its worth our time pursuing this until we hear from him/her.

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