Apr 6, 2013
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As little as possible

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    As little as possible
    Music, History, Art, Chinese low end DAC's, amps, and cans
    Headphone Inventory:
    PreSonus HD7, JVC HA-S500, Takstar Pro80, CAL! Classic Version 1, SuperLux 662b, 668b, 681B, 681F, Koss KC75, Sony MH750 IEM, SoundMagic ES18 IEM, Logitech UE 500 IEM, Edifier H840 (a re-branded CAL! clone), Bingle "Denmark" B-850-M (a re-branded Monoprice 839 Clone), Evo Plextor D500, Sennic ST-80, Somic MH432i (which is nothing like the Somic MH463
    and not recommended), Salar DJ A100, Liberalism IR-S21, Logitech H530 gamer headset, Sony MDR-NC6, UCOO 800 Phone OEM IEM's.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Valve 6jN Amp, SS PCM192, SS DAC 8 192, Tube Mercator 6J1, Edifier HA11 SS
    Source Inventory:
    Source: CD, MP3, FLAC or WAV>PC>Generic Card>ODAC

    ODAC: DAC2 4398, PCM 192, DAC 8 192, PAM2704, ZD-TECH PCM2704, PCM 2706, 8416CZZ Fiios E3 Clone ELE 2704

    All have USB Type B inputs, most have a 3.5mm output and can be used to drive phones directly, some have optical and coax inputs, a few have outputs so that it is possible to chain the ZD-Tech into the 8416 clone and direct the output to the Edifier HA11 SS headfi amp. Some are USB passively powered, some use 5v, 9v, 12v, 24 dc.
    Power-Related Components:
    2 x SS S-GUIDE UCA-1050 50W USB PA Mono 110V Constant Voltage Amplifier in a quick and dirty monoblock, Tube Mercator 6J1 preamp, HA11 SS headfi desktop/portable amp, NobSound MS-10D valve headfi amp, NobSound PM1 SS stereo speaker / headfi amp.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Open Baffle DIY speakers


    Headphones I Currently Own
    Headphones I Used to Own
    IEMs I Currently Own
    DAC: Trasam DAC2, PCM 192, PAM2704, ZD-TECH PCM2704
    Amp: Nob SS, Nob MS-10d, SS PCM192, Tube Mercator 6J1, SS S-GUIDE UCA-1050 50W USB PA Mono 110V Constant Voltage Amplifier
    Source: CD, MP3, FLAC or WAV>PC>Generic Card>USB
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