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    Best version of Superlux HD-681

    Yes but I like soundstage over bass. 668b are better on bass at sacrifice of some (not much) of the soundstage. Both are still excellent bargains.
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    HiFiMAN HE-500 = Waste of Money (and general discussion)

    You want too much, but you don't think that you do, nor do you have the life experience to understand that you want too much. You are bass obsessed as most young people are. More bass==better sound quality, less bass==poor sound quality. This is an age-related value, and nothing will fix it...
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    For 6AS7G tube rollers here .....

    Yeah, it is difficult to beat electricity in a race to pull the plug before something is damaged.
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    Q701 impressions thread

    Yes, the cartel-protecting nature of this site, and others, is very clear. The fact is that you and I are the product, and our eye-balls and page views are the commodity sold to the real customers of this site - the advertisers. So when you get in the way of that, you are gone.
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    Q701 impressions thread

    Yes, it is clear that you are beyond taking responsibility for making your phones microphonic. When you are wrong, you attack the one who points it out. Classic logical fallacy. Want to play some more?
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    Logitech UE6000

    The world is going backwards when politeness is now considered out of date and old fashioned. This is not progress.
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    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones Part II

    I have decided to permanently step off of the digital bit-wars upgrade to infinity and beyond path. It's never going to end and I have had enough after 30 years. If I could go back to just my vinyl LP collection, I would - but it's not possible where I am, total lack of vinyl sources and I sold...
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    Q701 impressions thread

    What are you doing in that video? That is anything BUT normal usage, you are attempting to break the phones in as many ways as you possibly can. Why not throw them against your desk repeatedly? I don't see this as a manufacturing issue, but one of user abuse. You are tearing the things apart in...
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    Best over ear headphones for under 600$

    HE-500 are on close out sale.
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    Need some help choosing headphones

    +1 for the 681 Burgundy ring.
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    Should i buy sennheiser 650 or something else

    I am buying the HD 600. I read many reviews and the signature of the 600 matches my likes - it also may sound better than the 650 according to some.
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    Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

    No. That is why they are referred to as the mid-fi trifecta. They are the former top of the line from each manufacturer and have a distinctive sound to each company. Buying all three gives one a great view on the different sounds preferred and allows for very good sound. Better sound to be...
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    New guy needs some help

    Little dot a great start. Many very excellent cans would scale up with that. You could also buy better tubes for the amp and improve the sound in the future. Try the JVC HA-S680 or S500, Sony MDR-V6, Takstar Pro 80 and the Creative Aurvana Live!. All under $80 and closed to block sound.