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d2000 crackling?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pickleweed, Oct 19, 2012.
  1. pickleweed
    hey guys, just bought a pair of d2000's of the forums, and all was well.  but ive been listening to them for the last week, and im beginning to pick up on some sort of crackling/scratching happening in the upper mids region.  it varies from track to track obviously, but its either showing up more, or im tuning into it more now.  i dont know if this is a source issue or a heaphone issue.  ive been using an e17 usb'd playing rdio.
    some tracks ive noticed it in - 
    lenka - the show
    death cab - tranatlanticism
    muse - uprising
    coheed and cambria - welcome home
    i can almost understand something guitar heavy, but the lenka song really throws me off.  and its the worst offender!
    im hoping that its a source issue or some physical thing thats easily fixable vs simply having busted cans, as i really like the sound of them otherwise.
    anyone have any experience with something similar?
  2. chewy4
    The fact that it only happens on certain tracks means that it's very likely the tracks themselves. Unless you don't get it with other headphones of a similar caliber.
    Try the tests on audiocheck.net .
  3. HideousPride
    Are the tracks you noticed it on from CDs you own, or albums you personally ripped to your player?
    If they are random downloads from online, you could just be noticing faults in them you didn't hear with your previous headphones. Try listening to the same songs but from a difference source and see if the fault persists.
  4. pickleweed
    thanks for the link.
    so i tested them through the range, and there's no crackling.  so thats good.  i suppose that means it is the tracks then.  the noise didnt seem random, and was being reproduced each listen.  so that makes some sense.
    i have a shure 840, but havent found the time to a/b them yet with the denons.
    which gets me to this question - 
    how bad is rdio's quality, or is it that the songs were just recorded like crap?  i ask because i cant imagine that they recorded that lenka song like that and thought, alright, thats good.  and even then, i wouldve imagined that bands like muse and coheed would have some well executed recordings :?
  5. pickleweed
    so far, ive only tried it with the e17 playing the rdio, and straight out of my iphone with some tracks that i probably downloaded but cant recall.  both had the scratching.  ill have to check better sources tonight when i get home.
  6. MattTCG
    I can also be a usb issue. I had the same problem pop up. I unplugged all usb devices and the crackling went away. I turned out to be an issue with the printer that was using usb. 
  7. navii
    I had crackling in my D600s. But then I realised its static from my synthetic blanket. Everytime I would move it would crackle in my left channel.
  8. Posam
    Isn't this just bad clipping in the tracks? 
  9. pickleweed
    it was.
    here's the update:  i went home, listened to the flacs for the lenka track, without the e17 through my laptop at home.  still there.  listened through my 840's.  still there.  so that's that.  it was simply recorded like absolute trash.  i didnt listen to the other tracks, but id imagine the results would be similar.  so, at least i know my cans are in fine working order.  thanks everyone for the suggestions!
    i dont know how that left a studio. 
  10. chewy4
    Where is the crackling in the Lenka song? I just listened to the youtube version and didn't notice any.

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