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Cheapest place to buy D2000/5000s?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kskwerl, Dec 27, 2012.
  1. kskwerl
    Amazon is selling new ones for an insane amount of money. Any tips where I could buy new ones from?
    I looked on the for sale forum
  2. MalVeauX
    All you can do is look for people selling them in like new, new, used, conditions. They are gone. Demand is still high, so as a discontinued product, the merchants are price gouging.
    Very best,
  3. kskwerl

    Yea I figured that. My buddy's mom works for denon and she said they are really trying to push the new line hard.
  4. deviusdragger
    The new line just doesn't cut it for me. I'm also in the same boat as for looking for a pair for my self. Good luck with the search.
  5. MattTCG
    The old denon's were supreme...now legendary. [​IMG]
  6. Ham Sandwich
    Get a modded Fostex T50RP instead.  The Denon headphone line is over and done.  No sense paying inflated prices to get the old D2000 or D5000 now.
  7. kskwerl
    This is true, while they can't compete with the LCD-2's IMO I think the Mad Dogs are the best bang for your buck. I haven't tried Paradox. LCD-2's were my favorite when paired with the Schiit Lyr. Since I sold all that gear I've taken more or less a big step down from desktop amps to portable amps and headphones. I now only own the Grado 325is/HD600's/Audio Technica ATHESW9A. I think these will be my cans for a long long time as when I first got into this hobby my life was more stable but since then we had to sell the house and my wallet is hurtin these days.
  8. Amperial
    Selling them at 519€ / 1249€ was really a "push".
    Now the D600s are around 399€. D7100s 699€ on Amazon.
    The D600 should be around 299€ (max) in price comparing them to the old D2000s.
  9. kskwerl
    Grados I like the Grado soung sig and I always had the 80s for a while so I stepped it up to the 325is's
    The Audio Technicas I use on the go and at work if I want to list to music. I just really like the the design on everything from their wooden line and obviously the sound is awesome. I wanted to get the W1000x's but I didn't have the money. I would do anything for the 3000 anniversity edition ones those are so awesome.
    The HD600's are just very neutral and I consider those my audiophile pair that I use at home and sometimes at work depending on whos working with me. Some days I'll be by myself at work all day. I have the Leckerton MK-II and it pairs very well with them.
    So I mean that pretty much somes up all I need. I'm not the kind of head-fier to have different headphones for different genres. If I could have it any way it would be 1 great close can over ear, 1 great open over ear and a throw around pair for the office for watching movies/playing video games. The throw around pair is my Audio Technica M-50s
  10. kskwerl

    Yea I agree! I've used the LCD-2s for movies and def enjoyed it, I think I might have even played a game or two with them lol
  11. kskwerl

    That closed back LCD-2 is what I need, that's actually something I would save for an really want cause I like need a closed can
  12. preproman
    Say what???  Well I guess so.  However, a few months ago when the new Denon line was released.  I went on ebay and got a new pair of D5000 and D2000 for a very low price.  Now I have all three.[​IMG]
    Ebay might be the best place.  However, there's going to be a bidding war now.
  13. Ham Sandwich
    All three?  How do you decide which one to listen to?  [​IMG]  [​IMG]
    It's unfortunate that Denon discontinued the old line and replaced them with something not as good.  It sucks.  But what can ya do?  The Fostex TH-900 is $2000.  Too much to be a replacement for the Denons for most people.  A modded T50RP, or a Thunderpants, or a HE-400, or a LCD2 doesn't have the same style or funness of sound.  If you can't spring for the Fostex you'll have to make do with the alternatives that are available.  Or pay the crazy prices for a OOP Denon.  For me, I'd rather have a modded T50RP than pay a price premium on a D2000 or D5000.  That's not saying the modded T50RP is an equal or equivalent.  But choices and a value assessment has to be made.  How much is the Denon sound really worth?
  14. kskwerl

    This is very true, so what are the other options for closed over ear cans?
  15. Ham Sandwich
    It can be argued that the Denon isn't actually a closed headphone.  [​IMG]
    Might be a market for someone doing a special T50RP mod that gets a phater bass similar to the Denons.  Don't know if it would be possible to get them to have a similar flavor of soundstage and space as the Denons.

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