1. losteden

    Comfortable circumaural for electronic, £200-300, D2000?

    tl;dr - comfortable headphones, £200 - £300, predominantly for trance/progressive house/DnB, driven from audio-gd NFB-5, D2000/K701/DT880/HD650/AD900?   I've just moved into a new house & to my utter dismay sound travels between the bedrooms very easily so the new speaker setup I just spend...
  2. ShhMez


  3. zantif

    The AKG K550 - My initial experiences and a review/comparison with the D2000!

    *Disclaimer: I am not a true audiophile (although I definitely appreciate high quality reproduction of sound!), and these are merely my opinions. I'm only writing this review due to the lack of coherent information and mixed criticisms I found on the forums. I had a lot of help from other...
  4. blinkstar

    Tried Putting Beyer 880 Pads on My New Denon D2000s ... LOVE IT!!!!!

    I have had the Denons for a couple of days now and haven't been all that thrilled with them. First they just don't feel very comfortable to me compared to all my other cans (yes, I know, most people think they are extremely comfortable). Second, the sound has a kind of closed-in, almost...
  5. Malav

    M audio q40 vs dt 770 pro 80 ohms

    I dont want to seem like the guy who doesnt know how or even know where the search box is but it's just that there are many people saying they are really really good in bass slamming monster bass headphones and some saying they are overrated and don't have good bass and I can't tell which is...
  6. cbguder

    Question about Denon model numbers (AH-D2000K)

    Hi everyone,   I just bought a pair of Denon AH-D2000Ks yesterday, and I have a quick question about the model number: what's the difference between AH-D2000 and AH-D2000K? What's the K at the end?   I bought my pair from Yodabashi in Akihabara, Tokyo, and the box reads AH-D2000K, but...
  7. voyager123

    What kind of headphone do you recommend for me around 600 $?

    I own a pair of DT880, but I use them rarely, because I don't like their sound signature. They're too bright for me due their excessive highs. I mostly listen to Rock and Metal but I don't despise Jazz or Acoustic music. I don't like much bass, espacially if it's bad qualaity bass. DT880's...
  8. Heartcubes

    Help in choosing

    I'm really new to the world of music. I've browsed through the site and found it very informative. Although I'm still stumped and in need of assistance. I own a pair of Bose AE2 headphones and the chord has broke twice since I bought it a while back. I wouldn't know much but it seems too fragile...
  9. viralcow

    Denon 5000s on craigslist...

    Today I found a pair of Denon AHD5000s on craigslist for just $100. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but thankfully the owner lives only 25-30 minutes away so I'll be able to go see them for myself.   There are two pictures posted...