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Anyone here only own 1 pair of headphones? How are you holding up?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jjacq, May 18, 2012.
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  1. jjacq
    I own around 5 pairs, 2 of them I normally use on a daily basis. I'm thinking of selling the rest because first of all, I only have one head and secondly, I barely use them now) but I'm not sure if I'll miss them... Here's what I have:
    1. Denon D2000(I use almost everyday)
    2. Sennheiser HD 25-1 II(I use on the go)
    3. Sennheiser HD 201(can sell or give away)
    4. Fake Beats by Dre Studio(I have no idea where I put them but they're like $50 anyway so it's okay)
    5. Grado SR125i(can sell)
    6. Koss TBSE1 (Pro DJ100) w/ M50 pads(can sell)
    Planning to sell the Grados, Koss and give away the HD201 but then again, I think I can also sell the HD25-1. I know this is all based on personal preference but I'm just wondering if I do really need the Grados and the Koss. Currently selling the Grados right now to fund for an SR325i but now I'm wondering if I do really need it... This goes the same with the Koss. I love the sound but I find myself using the D2000s most of the time but the HD25-1's are very good on the go. This pair I often take to school. Also, now I'm kinda wanting the K550 because of the many times they get compared with the D2000's and that's a whole other can of worms I'm opening up...
     Umm anyone here only have one pair? Or is it necessary to have at least two? I know someone that only has an LCD-2 but I really don't have that kind of money so I guess that can be my "D2000"... Er... lol opinions please.
  2. TMRaven
    I'll always use only one pair.  That's probably the main reason why I've gone through so much good headphones in a short span of time.  
    I still need to sell off my D2000 and AD700.
  3. TrollDragon
    At the moment I only have the HFI-780's...
    Great to have so many choices available... 
    In Canada we are limited to choice and availability... (without Massive Duty / Shipping / Brokerage fees...)
    The only Grado's here are twice the price, and very few sellers. Same for Sennheiser, Beyer's we can get from B&H at a good rate.
    I'd love to get a Set of 225's a set of DT880's and some HD598's to have a nice rounded choice of listening pleasure.
    And no money for toys is another issue these days.
  4. MattTCG
    I'm using he400 and d2k regularly.  I've sold off everything else. Two hp's are enough for me...
  5. roma101
    Would love to own just one pair but I have different uses for my cans. Hope to wind down my collection eventually.
  6. poikkeus
    I now only use the HD-800 for my main headphones, and either of two less expensive brands for portable use. After the HD-800, just about anything else is a letdown.
  7. hartlocker
    I don't own any lol. Just ordered Monoprice 8323s a week ago. They'll come within the week I hope, damn Canadian customs... [​IMG]
  8. I subsisted on the JH13 alone for almost a year and a half.  I was satisfied with it.  If I had to have one headphone, that would still be my choice.
  9. unrlmth
    I own a pair of HD595s and HifiMan HE5-LEs.  Since getting the HE5-LE I have used them exclusively and wouldn't miss having the HD595s.
  10. jjacq
    It's interesting how most people only own one or two pairs that are around $500> each. I'm currently thinking that maybe I should just go that route. Sell everything then get a $400-500 pair headphone.
  11. CrystalT
    I've gone through plenty of equipment, but I've only ever owned one thing at a time. I'm a poor college student, so I typically have to sell what I currently have to upgrade, or even just make a parallel purchase. I've also had a few things broken/stolen and had to start from square one.
    I personally believe I should probably have at least 2/3 different types of headphones considering my wide, eclectic music preferences, but just don't have the money for it at the moment.
  12. KimChee
    Ive got the JH-16 and TF10 reshelled.  I'm just looking for a decent headphone.  I think if you have a really nice set you're not going to want to take it out.  Maybe you could have a set you take outside of the home too.
  13. e19650826
    TF10 reshelled and upgraded to 6 drivers for portable..
    W1000X when I feel relaxed and want to be engaged in music..
    K702 when I need to study or work, or just don't feel like to be too engaged in the music..
    looking to save up for either an entry Electrostatic or go all the way for 007.. still thinking...
    as of right now.. each one is just too different to replace another... I know I will regret if I ever sell any of my hps, so I'm keeping all of them for now[​IMG]
  14. TMRaven
    I went from D2000 as my main headphone to HE-400.  All I can say is if you don't THINK you're missing a lot with the D2000 then there might not be any need to upgrade for now.  If anything a D5000 would be a safe bet for sometime down the line.
  15. e19650826
    once you get pass a price point.. almost all headphones are like that... you can expect a $500 hp to be better than a $200 hp technological wise.. but that does not mean you will enjoy an expensive headphone more.. to be honest... I find myself going for K702 more often than WKX recently... remember.. price doesn't mean anything.. it's all in your head..[​IMG]
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