Headphones question about Denon D2000 and Sony MA900
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Feb 5, 2012
Ok so I am new to headphones and I own the above headphones. Have loved my MA900 since owning them but just got my Denon D2000 today and listeing to Frank sinatra, I did it my way. I straight away the Denon make them my MA900 sound rubbish!!
I instantly notice I am hearing every single instrument as if am there!!, but when I put the Sonys on its all very flat and I am missing lots of instrument sounds I was hearing with the Denons.
So my question is being new!! is this mostly down to the Denons being so much better? or are these the effects of closed headphones vs open?
Confused as the MA900 get amazing reviews from members here and just shocked how rubbish they compare! 
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I actually own both of these headphones as well, and I prefer the MA900, so I think it just boils down to personal preference. For me the bass of the D2000 can be boomy and sound like there is resonance. I find the MA900 to be more detailed and have much better soundstage, but the D2000 can sound "faster" and more fun with some rock music. I enjoy them both, and don't think either one makes the other sound like rubbish. I think they can complement each other; I find the MA900 more neutral, while the D2000 have a nice V signature that isn't overly pronounced.
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Closed headphones has close in sound since they do not leak sound in. Close your door, Off the light give the MA900 a good listen again. Still, Personal taste nothing right or wrong. I realised I have been listening to a very colored and cheap earbuds recently lol but when I am use to a particular sound something that sounds difference will sounds weird to me. I think our perception of sound keep changing when we change gears. No good or bad really.

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