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Closed headphones for on a plane?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamieuk147, Feb 28, 2013.
  1. jamieuk147
    Love my Denon D2000 but just to large for walking around town abd on the plane. Anything else I could buy? Say around $300
  2. kore
    how about momentum?
  3. niranhopper
    I have used and enjoyed the AKG K550 on a long distance plane. Very good isolation and comfort. But i guess they are quite big in size :frowning2:
    IEMs are also great since they offer good isolation and block the ears from varying air pressure. However they are too sensitive for in flight entertainment sockets.
  4. obobskivich
  5. HideousPride
    Awful isolation for planes. :frowning2: Just tried this weekend.
    This! [​IMG]
  6. StudioSound
    I would look for sealed (not the same as closed) headphones or IEMs.

    I don't like active noise cancellation at all. It basically cancels out noise by creating an equally loud noise that is the inverse of it.

    I really like my MDR-7520s (so much that I bought a second pair) so I would recommend them or possibly the MDR-1R. I haven't worn them on a plane but isolation is very good. I find they isolate at least as well as the AKG K550, and are more comfortable to wear.

    The B&W P5s isolate surprisingly well for on-ear headphones, so you might like them. I found they were painful to wear for long periods of time though, especially if you have glasses. (I can't wear most on-ear headphones with glasses)
  7. scuttle
  8. soundeffect
    Bose QC15. comfortable, light, block out airplane noise/kids/other people next to you, and people won't ask you what you are wearing.
  9. obobskivich

    And for additional effect, Bose has started including little "courtesy cards" in the package for you to hand out to would-be lookie-loos on airplanes. :cool:

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