Over Ear Closed Headphones with Schiit Vahalla/Bifrost
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May 11, 2014
I listen to music all day at work - CD player via optical, Fiio X3 coax FLAC.  Currently I love listening with Sennheiser HD650 with a Schiit Vahalla with Bifrost Uber Analog.  I do not listen to the music at very high volumes - more interested in clarity and soundstage of the music.  
Early in the morning the Sennheiser HD650's are great.  However, later in the day the open ear causes some disturbances since I work in an open office environment.
Very interested in some recommendations for over the ear closed back headphones to use with Schiit Vahalla/Bifrost....
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I've never listened to the bifrost/valhalla, but I have the Beyer 770 250 ohm that I listen to through a Fiio E10 and Little Dot mkII.  It sounds awesome through that setup, so I imagine it wouldn't be terrible on the schiit stack.
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Looking for a sub 350 usd closed set to compliment my he500s. Currently have a magni and modi and will be getting a bifrost plus asgard 2 or lyr 2 eventually.

Narrowed my choices down to the Nad hp50 and the Focal spirit pro.

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