1. Aaron Shi

    Any suggestion on my next move?

    Hey guys I'm new here in this forum. Been reading posts for some time though. Currently I have a pair of Hifiman HE 560, driven by Schiit Lyr 2. I use both Marantz tt-15 turntable and Bifrost Multibit as my source. Recently I have just moved to a new apartment so I'm thinking of setting up new...
  2. cyberridz

    Schiit Bifrost 4490 impressions

    I recently upgraded to the Bifrost Uber and is wondering if the new Bifrost 4490 is worth upgrading from the Uber?   Has anyone upgraded to the new Bifrost 4490 card? I would like a discussion on its advantages (if any), and what are the sonic differences between the 4490 and the older Uber...
  3. Duper

    Loudspeakers or Headphones ?!

    Hello, guys headphones or speakers are better for 2000$ max. ? 
  4. Silentanarchy

    Best amp dac combo unit under $1000

    I want a usb dac and amp that can drive any headphones High impedance to low impedance. I'm not worried about driving electro statics because i don't plan on ever getting electrostatic headphones, Speakers definetly but not headphones. Also I'd prefer something under $600 but $1000 is okay. A...
  5. bust3r

    Sennheiser HD650's looking for a new headphone amp

    Hey all, I have a pair of HD650's that is paired with a headroom (own brand, its at least 6-7 yrs old) microDAC but it's lacking severely in the bass.  It's ok at lower volumes until I turn it up and then the treble and mids take over, which is fine--if I can find an amp where the bass can keep...
  6. Eyedea

    Vinyl use with Headphones

    Hey everyone. For the past year or so I have been listening to high quality music with my Sennheiser HD 650's. My setup is currently the HD 650's paired with the Schiit Bifrost DAC w/ usb and the Schiit Valhalla Tube Amp. I have my DAC plugged into my laptop with a usb cable where I play my...
  7. Dgiant

    Step above mid fi

    Hi, I have finally gotten the funds to upgrade from my Denon D5000s. My budget is 2000 dollars for both amp/DAC and headphones. I would like a can that does the denons better. Better bass(quality not thump), better mid range and better imaging. I'm using a fiio e9+schiit modi combo.
  8. KriLi

    Which would you choose?

    Looking for an amp/DAC setup that is versatile for most headphones (high impedance driver and planars) and I could use for many many years. For now the headphone I use is the Alpha Dog, HD800 on shipping. Next buy at the end of the year will be HE-6 or LCD-3. Budget max 1500 dollars, Burson...
  9. AudioGurl

    Its time for me to upgrade to high end headphones. Please Help

    The type of music I listen to is bass music with clear vocals. for example:   I also want to use them to watch movies.   My price limit is up to $2000 for my high end pair. (includes headphone and dac/amp)
  10. abrocod

    Schiit Lyr + Bifrost combo doesn't improve my music at all

    Hi guys   Two weeks ago I brought new Schiit Lyr and Bifrost combo. I use my MacBook Pro as music source. I have a Bose Music Monitor speaker, plus a Etymotic ER-4PT Portable In-Ear Earphones. Most of my music are in the format of mp3. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell any difference between...
  11. terrapin13

    Headphone Amp with Bookshelf Speaker outputs

    At work I love my schiit vahalla/bifrost 650 setup.  I would like to set up something similar for music listening at home.  I have some Klipsch bookshelf speakers that I would like to use in addition to headphones.  I was excited by the McIntosh mha100 product until I saw the price of $4,500.  ...
  12. SunByrne

    Schiit Bifrost Uber vs. NAD D 1050

    Been a while since I've posted, but I'm in the market for a DAC in the $400-500 range for my study. (TOSLink input, not USB.)   I've heard so many good things about the Bifrost, especially with the Uber upgrade, but I've always been a big fan of NAD and I was wondering if anyone has had a...
  13. TwelveTrains

    Dual amps

    I currently have a Schiit Asgard 2/Bifrost combo being run from the optical out of my computer's soundcard.   Will adding a second amplifier from the soundcard's 3.5 mm jack (soundcard------>3.5mm to RCA cable -------->Schiit Magni) have any negative affect (i.e. signal drop) if they are both...
  14. K

    Schiit Mjolnir/Gungnir vs Woo WA6-SE/Bifrost

    Hey guys,   Anyone care to lend their opinion on these two configuration, they cost about the same.  I have Audeze LCD2 and Beyerdynamic DT880 250Ohm at the moment, and listens to vocal alot, with some classical in the mix.  Also I enjoy watching movies with the LCD2.  I want an amp/dac combo...
  15. ToTo Man

    Schiit Gungnir vs Schiit Bifrost w/Uber upgrade

    Hello from a long-time lurker who has finally mustered up the courage to join this incredibly informative and awesome forum!  TBH I feel like a bit of an imposter, as although I have a nice "Head-Fi" setup, the majority of my listening is done through conventional loudspeakers (I'll spare you...
  16. Sony Slave

    Magni + Bifrost Uber, Good or Bad idea?

    I'm looking forward to purchasing a Schiit Magni, I am not going to look into other amps. The Bifrost Uber from what I have experienced is laid back, lush, but very detailed. The highs don't sparkle as much as I would like them too(probably because of the Little Dot 1+).   My current set up is...
  17. Viper2005

    Yulong D200 32bit 384KHz DSD DAC

    Features:  ● THD + N of less than 0.0005%  ● USB support 32bit, 384KHZ PCM signal ● DSD direct decoding ● 2 filter modes are available,  ● eliminate jitter control switch filters, phase jitter control switch, you can adjust the combination of different styles of sound.  ● High-bandwidth...
  18. HPiper

    UberBifrost vs Emo DC-1

    Just talking about sound quality of the two dacs here. Has anybody had a chance to compare these two. After looking at stuff a long time I think it has come down to one of these. I saw some posts on the DC-1 forum but I am thinking those people may be a bit biased. Stat and feature wise the DC-1...
  19. chezhed

    Schiit Bifrost Uber + Meier Corda Aria amp. Upgrade?

    All,    I was looking at my current setup and was wondering if I should consider swapping out the Meier amp or even swap the whole stack to the new Fostex HP-A4. The Meier is a little older but I am not sure that is a bad thing.   I am currently only using the 1964 ears products (V6stage and...
  20. J&J

    Schiit we'd like to see

    After reading the serialized story about the origins and evolution of Schiit Audio I am convinced that  Mr Stoddard and Mr Moffat can build ( or more likely conjure )  any piece of audio gear we desire. So let's start a wish list for them.  As I said in another post if they build it we will buy...
  21. jchandler3

    Need help with my upgrade path!

    Abstract:   Folks, I come to you all asking for help in my upgrade path. I know there's a bazillion threads about upgrades, best combos, what's better than what, etc., but you can only infer so much until it's just not applicable to your own situation. That being said...     Current Setup...
  22. terrapin13

    Over Ear Closed Headphones with Schiit Vahalla/Bifrost

    I listen to music all day at work - CD player via optical, Fiio X3 coax FLAC.  Currently I love listening with Sennheiser HD650 with a Schiit Vahalla with Bifrost Uber Analog.  I do not listen to the music at very high volumes - more interested in clarity and soundstage of the music.     Early...
  23. TooPoor

    Best ~$600 USB DAC?

    I'm on the search for the best 'cheap' DAC ~$600. I've read all the threads. I haven't heard any of the following though. I've gone back and forth in my head with the following:   1. Concero: Always heard great things. Don't need the 'HD'. 2. Herus: Haven't heard much about it as just a DAC...
  24. WonderPeople

    Oversampling DAC

    Can somebody tell me what does oversampling DAC exactly is? the function, usage, how it work n so on. thank you
  25. cornelius80

    Desktop Setup with Speakers

    Hi Everyone,   I have a Valhalla and BiFrost setup in my office paired with a HD650. Simply Audio Euphoria! =-)   However, I have a question, is it possible to setup bookshelf speakers with my current rig? I understand that I might have to include a preamp section somewhere in the chain...