Which would you choose?
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New Head-Fier
Jan 10, 2010
Looking for an amp/DAC setup that is versatile for most headphones (high impedance driver and planars) and I could use for many many years.
For now the headphone I use is the Alpha Dog, HD800 on shipping. Next buy at the end of the year will be HE-6 or LCD-3.
Budget max 1500 dollars, Burson Conductor is out of my budget but if it's that good I will save some more.
Schiit Lyr2 / Bifrost Uber Analog
Schiit Mjolnir / Gugnir
Burson Conductor
Woo WA7 with WA7p or WA7tp
Emotiva MINI-X A-100 / XDA-2
Audio-GD NFB-11 or something balanced
Which would you buy if it's a setup for at least 5 years.
Please also motivate your choice.
Thanks in advance.
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I'd go with the Dangerous Music Source. It's very good with the HD800 and can drive planars quite easily too. 
I have found that professional gear gives me much better bang for buck than typical high end audiophile stuff, while being equally competent, if not better.
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Schiit Lyr2 / Bifrost Uber Analog is pretty end-game if you ask many. More than enough power for just about anything, switchable gain, tube options, multiple input/output options and pretty killer build quality and looks!
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The gear you are considering is pretty high end, and here frankly the focus is on the other end of the spectrum.
You may be better off posting this question in one of the threads dedicated to these devices, or to the HD800. That's where the regular users hang out and chances of finding someone who heard them both will be better. I'm sure you'll get additional recommendations too.
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Audio GD has plenty options fitting that one!
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  Maybe an other question. Which ss or tube amp has >= 4.0W @ 50 ohms with single ended and balanced headphone output?

Not many...
Audio-gd Master 9 has 9W @ 40 Ohm in balanced mode, but only 2.5W single ended.
Auralic Taurus in SE mode outputs 4.5W @ 32 Ohm, but only 1.2W balanced
Cavalli Liquid Gold can do 9W @ 50 Ohm
Luxman p700u outputs 4W @ 32 Ohm balanced
Schiit Mjolnir claims 5W @ 50 Ohm
Violectric V281 does 4.2W @ 50 Ohm balanced
I'm sure there's a few more, but generally headphone amps rarely deliver that much power. Unless you have some hungry beasts like HE-6, you won't need even half of that.

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