1. soundandvision

    DAC that is under $600 and better than the M2Tech Young?

    I currently have an M2Tech Young-non-DSD with the standard power supply fed by Jriver via USB. Currently it drives a pr. of powered Genelec G3's that I listen to near field to at my desk. I'm looking for a new headphone amp and cans. Want closed back and am leaning toward the Oppo PM3's or the...
  2. absent

    Purchasing LCD-X Amp DAC Suggestions.

    So I'm going to take the leap and get a pair of LCD-Xs.  I was wondering if you all had some suggestions on AMPs/DACs to go with them.  I was eyeing the Bifrost Asgard 2 combo but would like some other suggestions.   Fist thing, definitely looking for something solid state at this point...
  3. KriLi

    Which would you choose?

    Looking for an amp/DAC setup that is versatile for most headphones (high impedance driver and planars) and I could use for many many years. For now the headphone I use is the Alpha Dog, HD800 on shipping. Next buy at the end of the year will be HE-6 or LCD-3. Budget max 1500 dollars, Burson...
  4. hehaisea

    Hello! I am Kate.

    My real name is Kate. I like collecting cool headphones. Hope we can share good earphones together.

    I need more bass

    Hi   My set   HE-500 Dac Gungnir Amp Lyr Music  New adg Cillout  some times Trance The Budget 700$ max What headphone should I get ?   Thx
  6. pancakesize

    Burson Conductor vs Schiit Mjolnir + Gungnir

    Hi guys, my first post on Head-Fi here. Recently bought a Hifiman HE-500 and was thinking of investing into either the Burson Conductor or the Schiit Mjolnir/Gungnir combo.    Was wondering which would you guys recommend and why? (but bearing in mind that in the future I'll probably upgrade...
  7. zimzim2001

    Should I Upgrade?

    Hi all,   I'm thinking of upgrading my DAC.  I'm currently running Twonky through Oppo BDP-95.  I'm thinking I can do better than this as a source and I have the itch to upgrade.  Amp is Bryston BHA-1.  Headphones are LCD-2, HD800 and PS 1000.  I'm considering Perfectwave DAC II and would even...
  8. speeddeacon

    Considering a dedicated headphone setup and need an additional DAC: Gungnir, NuWave or WDS-1?

    I am contemplating relocating my headphone rig away from my listening room and into the main living room of my house.  I listen through my headphones primarily at night or early morning when the wife is sleeping and am thinking it would be nice to have it more conveniently located.  This will...
  9. sarahkho

    AMP (or AMP + DAC) for LCD-2 with USB or optical in coming from MacBook pro (max 1500$)

    Hello -   I am looking for an AMP and DAC combo or optionally a separated DAC and AMP to drive a LCD-2 headphone.  My source is my MacBook Pro 2012 and I mainly listen to classical, melodies, soundtracks and from time to time bluz, pop, rock and NewAge.   I was considering the following  ...
  10. CB3874

    opinions on using a Mac Mini as a media server or wait for a Olive One

    Hello,   I'm thinking of getting a new Mac Mini to act as a media server. I already have a Schiit Gungnir DAC (with USB), Rega Brio-R amp and a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 speakers. I was wondering if the folks on Head-Fir could share with me their comments, opinions, experience on the Mac...
  11. K

    Schiit Mjolnir/Gungnir vs Woo WA6-SE/Bifrost

    Hey guys,   Anyone care to lend their opinion on these two configuration, they cost about the same.  I have Audeze LCD2 and Beyerdynamic DT880 250Ohm at the moment, and listens to vocal alot, with some classical in the mix.  Also I enjoy watching movies with the LCD2.  I want an amp/dac combo...
  12. ToTo Man

    Schiit Gungnir vs Schiit Bifrost w/Uber upgrade

    Hello from a long-time lurker who has finally mustered up the courage to join this incredibly informative and awesome forum!  TBH I feel like a bit of an imposter, as although I have a nice "Head-Fi" setup, the majority of my listening is done through conventional loudspeakers (I'll spare you...
  13. the8o88y

    Obtained desired dac/amp/headphone chain, am CLUELESS about sound settings, audio players, bit-perfect playback, etc. Please help!

    I have an Audeze LCD-2.2 that I'm running with a fully balanced Mjolnir/Gungnir stack (usb 2.0), using iTunes, (mostly 256/320 files, a few 96/24) with Windows 7 (AMD/Realtek). As good as the sound is with this setup, I feel like I'm still losing out on significant SQ because I am largely...
  14. Gary in MD

    December 2013 Mid-Level DAC Comparison

    Folks:   I intend to do a comparison of mid-level (~$500-2500) DACs in December 2013.  I will test multiple DACs and keep the one I like the best.  Period.  Everything else gets sent away.  If I end up liking my current $200 Emotiva XDA-1 best, that's the one I'll keep and everything new gets...
  15. NKDietrich

    Looking for balanced cans to pair with Schiit Gungnir/Mjolnir stack.

    I don't really have a specific price in mind. I'd like suggestions from a number of price ranges.   I listen to a huge variety of music, so I'd prefer a "jack of all trades" style headphone rather than one that focuses too much in any one area.   If you need any more information, let me...
  16. redmagic

    Alternitive to Schiit Gungnir

    I recently received an email from Schiit saying my Gungnir is going to be delayed for about two weeks. I really want the Gungnir, though I don't especially want to wait another two weeks. My question is wether or not I should just wait, and what are some good alternitives to the Gungnir in the...
  17. dotandvir

    Help a beginner

    Hi,   I have liked headphones for most of my life but always had cheap models. I finally got my taste of good earphones a few months ago with an entry level Grado and B&W P5. I have now decided to invest in an amplifier and a DAC . currently using NuForce portable USB amp.   Problem is -...
  18. bracque

    Amp recommendation (paired with ascend audio sierra 1s and schiit gungnir)

    I currently have ascend sierra 1s, an arcam rDac and a cambridge audio azur 351A.   I am about to pull the trigger on a schiit gungnir (looking at the Schiit and concero HD, I like the idea of being able to upgrade on the Schiit).   Any suggestions on an amp that would go well with this set...
  19. Maxvla

    Schiit Mjolnir vs Bryston BHA-1 (and Schiit Gungnir vs Bifrost)

    I'm pressed for time these days, so this will be brief compared to my previous review (Mid-fi shootout), my apologies. Here we have a pair of solid state balanced amplifiers, the first entry in the headphone space for the speaker amp stalwart Bryston and the latest in a string of hits from...
  20. mackat

    Ben's New Schiit Gungnir..

  21. bobbmd

    schiit bifrost/gungnir and asgard

    this may be a stupid question but i tell my patients the only stupid question is the one you dont ask the bifrost has only one set of rca outputs the gungnir has TWO if you buy the bifrost and asgard and your music comes almost exclusively from the computer the only place to send the music...
  22. hodgjy

    Schiit Owners Unite

    We seem to have several threads of Schiit (or Schiit threads) weaving throughout Head-Fi, which are hard to keep track of from day to day.  Based on the highly successful "Woo Owners Unite" thread, which I am also a member, I think we should have a Schiit owners thread.  I found the Woo thread...
  23. Greed

    Help me decide on a dac

    Hello All,   I'm starting this post because for the past two months I have been scouring these forums for the best dac for my setup. I currently am using the Schiit Bifrost coupled with the Woo Audio WA2. I listen to three different headphones right now, Beyer T1's, DT 990s 600ohm, and the...
  24. Rinoue

    Tube Dac or Tube Amp, Which and Why?

    Hey headfiers,   I have a Stax Signature Lambda SR-404 (Normal edition) and a Stax SRM-252S Driver Unit, and I wanted to get a Tube component in the chain somewhere. This is where I realized I wasn't sure if I should upgrade the driver unit that has a tube in it, or upgrade just the dac with...
  25. SoulFan84

    I'm Trying To Decide On Best Setup For My Budget(4k) And Taste. Which would you buy?

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I really enjoy reading and learning from the many knowledgable and enthusiastic people and posts. I'm trying to decide what setup to buy.   My musical taste (as you can probably tell from my name) is mainly Soul/R&B like Sam Cooke(favorite singer)...