DAC that is under $600 and better than the M2Tech Young?
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New Head-Fier
May 5, 2012
I currently have an M2Tech Young-non-DSD with the standard power supply fed by Jriver via USB.
Currently it drives a pr. of powered Genelec G3's that I listen to near field to at my desk.
I'm looking for a new headphone amp and cans. Want closed back and am leaning toward the Oppo PM3's or the Denon MM-400's.
Amp I have no idea atm.
It sounds very good but I've got the itch to try something different.
Where I come up with $600 is this is what the Young looks to be worth used.
I've read that improvements in performance can be had with a better power supply. Trouble is even the least expensive is roughly the cost as the value of the Young.  Also I have what IMHO is pretty nice power delivery and filtering. RGPC 240vac Powerhouse feeding a Furman Ref 20i. 
DSD support is irrelevant for me as I agree with the makers of the best DAC I have heard so far.
[color=rgba(26, 26, 26, 0.701960784313725)]1-DSD needs to be converted to multi-bit in the DAC increasing the processing overhead during playback, ultimately [/color]compromising[color=rgba(26, 26, 26, 0.701960784313725)] performance. [/color]www.berkeleyaudiodesign.com/reference/ 
I was thinking maybe the Schitt Gungnir. It would be nice to pick up balanced outputs. Though I think the Gungnir is really single ended with balanced connectors.  http://schiit.com/products/gungnir
Look forward to your wisdom and recommendations.
Thanks in advance

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