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I need more bass

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tarekfouad1, Jul 16, 2013.
    My set
    Dac Gungnir
    Amp Lyr
    Music  New adg Cillout  some times Trance
    The Budget 700$ max
    What headphone should I get ?
  2. Wildstar
    Not a headphone, just use equalizer. The only headphones with better bass than HE500 are Audezes, and they don't go for $700. If you want more (rather than better) just use equalizer, seriously. Or just give up on hi-fi headphones, the point of high fidelity is having the right amount of bass, not emphasized bass.
    Thx  wildstar
    Audezes  2 or 3? maybe I can save some to get it
  4. ev13wt
    Beyers T70. Moar of dat bas.
    What about T90? same clarity like HE-500? 
  6. ChriG
    Monster Beats!

    And if you dont want Beats, lots of people like LCD-2 with the Lyr [​IMG]
  7. asgiov

    I've got Audeze 2.2s.
    And I agree.. if you want more bass, just use an EQ with those.
    I've never listened to the HE-500s... but the Audeze can handle any amount of increased bass you add with EQ extremely well...
    and pack a VERY powerful punch. Much more than you'll ever get with any dynamic driver headphone.
  8. gelocks
    Well, I have never heard the HE-500s but I can say that the Ultrasone Signature DJs have kicked my brain since day one. Not sure how comfortable or not they are against your HifiMan. Also, Perfect Sound D901s sound very close to the Signature DJs. I've been using them these past two weeks and their sub-bass rattles your head, and the mid-bass slams with force without muddying everything up... more airy than the Sig DJs too. Finally have a Level 3 Moded Denon D5000 and also, excellent bass extension and slam.

    All three do well with every genre I listen to, from Pop Rock, Alternative, Metalcore, to Salsa, Merengue, Dubstep and Reggaeton.

    And Good Luck! :wink:
    Thx all
    Finally am going to buy  Ultrasone Signature Pro
    Thx gelocks for your help
  10. gelocks
    I was talking about the Signature DJ (since you wanted more Bass!), but the Signature Pro is good as well (the Signature DJ has a bit more bass quantity, bigger/wider soundstage, a bit more airier than the Signature Pros).
    Yes you are right DJ is better
    thx again[​IMG]

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