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Nov 19, 2012
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SDSU Student

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  • About

    SDSU Student
    Digital Art
    Target Shooting
    Headphone Inventory:
    Headphones -
    Sennheiser: HD600, HD650 (modded)

    In-Ear Monitors -
    Campfire Audio Andromeda
    Jaybirds X3
    RHA MA-750

    Previously Owned -
    Aurasonics: Rockets
    AKG: Q701, K702 65th Anniversary Edition, K7XX "Massdrop Edition"
    Audeze: LCD-2 Rev. 2, Audeze LCD-3 - Martin Custom Audio Masscar Ebony Cups (w/ Norse Audio Reign 24 Cable), Sine
    Audio-Technica: ATH-AD2000X, ATH-ESW11LTD, ATH-M50S, ATH-M50X Limited Edition, CKM-500
    Beyerdynamic: DT 880 250/600Ω, DT 990 Pro 250Ω, DT 990 600Ω, Tesla T1
    Campfire Audio: Jupiter
    Denon: AH-D7000 (Pre-2012 & Post-2012 Version)
    Enigmatic Audio: Code-X, Paradox Slants
    Focal: Utopia
    Fostex: TH-X00, TH-600, TH-900 (hardwired Q Audio French Silk Cable)
    Grado: SR80i
    Heir Audio: 3.Ai, 4.Ai, 4.A (w/ BTG Sunrise), 8.A (w/ Twag v2 Gold OM)
    Hidition: New Tears 6 (NT6)
    HiFiMan: HE-500, HiFiMan HE-6 (w/ Hardwired DHC Nucleotide 8-Wire Braid), HE-560, RE-400
    Klipsch: S4i, S4i II, X10
    Paradox Audio: The Enigma #001
    Logitech: UE 900, UE 6000, UE 9000
    Oppo: PM-3
    Meze: 99 Classics
    Mrspeakers: Mad Dog (3.2), Alpha Dog
    Noble Audio: Noble 4
    NAD: Viso HP50
    Philips: CitiScape Uptown, Downtown, Fidelio X1, Fidelio X2
    Sennheiser: Amperior, Momentum, HD 555, HD580, HD 600, HD 650, HD800, HD 800 (Hardwired Stefan Audio Art Endorphin w/ Ultra Mod) (Colorware Carbon Matte Black)
    Shure: SE846
    Sony: MDR-Z7, MDR-MA900
    Spiral Ear: SE 5-Way (w/ DHC Fusion Cable)
    TDK: BA-200
    T-Peos: H-200
    Tralucent Audio: 1plus2 (w/ uBer Cable), Reference 1 (w/ Uber Cable)
    Ultimate Ears: Reference Monitors
    V-Moda: Crossfade M-100
    Vsonic: GR07 MK II
    Westone: 4, 4R
    Zero Audio: Carbo Tenore
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Cavalli EHHA
    Eddie Current Zana Deux Super
    Firstwatt F5
    Firstwatt F5T v2

    Previously Owned -
    ALO Audio: Rx MK II, MK III-B
    AMB: Balanced ß22 (w/ Dual Mono Sigma 22s)
    Audio-gd: Master 9
    Bottlehead: Crack + Speedball
    Burson: HA-160, Soloist
    Cavalli Audio: Liquid Carbon, Liquid Crimson, Liquid Glass, Liquid Glass (w/ Mullard CV181-ECC82 Brown Base)
    C&C: BH
    DNA: Stratus (Sophia Princess 2A3 Mesh Plate, EML 5U4G, Pearl Reflektor 6N1P-EV "Gold Grade")
    ECP: Torpedo III (Super Modded)
    Eddie Current: Super 7 (Modded - Jantzen Silver and Premium Caps), Studio T
    FiiO: E11, E12
    Garage1217: Project Ember II
    HeadAmp: GS-X mk2 (Silver), GS-X mk2 (Black), Pico Power, Pico Slim
    JDS Labs: CMoy. C421
    Headstage: Arrow 12HE 4G
    Leckerton Audio: UHA-6S MK II
    Matrix: M-Stage (w/ OP627AP - Class A Biasing)
    Schiit: Magni, Vali, Asgard, Ragnarok, Valhalla 2, Vali 2
    SWA: Krell KSA-5 Klone, SuSy Dynahi
    Violectric: V200
    Woo Audio: WA2, WA6
    Source Inventory:
    Source -
    Apple Mac Mini w/ PI Audio Group BatteryBUSS
    Emotiva ERC-3

    Portable -
    Dell XPS 15
    Nexus 6P

    DACs -
    Schiit Audio Yggdrasil
    Tascam UH-7000
    Theta Digital DS Pro Generation V
    Twisted Pear Buffalo III-SE

    VPI Classic 3 (w/ Lyra Delos Cart)

    Previously Owned -
    Abbingdon Music Research: DP-777
    Apple: iPod Touch 4G (64gb), iPod Classic 7G (160gb) (Rockboxed), iPad 3, iPhone 4. iPod Video 5.5 (Rockboxed), Mac Mini (2012)
    Audio-gd: Master 7 (w/ upgraded PCX Neutrino Clocks and DACLadder HDMI Mod)
    Astell&Kern: AK120
    Asus: Xonar Essence STX, Essence One, Nexus 9
    Audio-gd: NFB-10WM
    Bricasti: M1 DAC
    C.A.P.S. Carbon v3 (w/ Paul Hynes Regulated PS)
    Chord: Hugo
    Emotiva: Stealth DC-1
    FiiO: X5
    Fostex: HP-P1
    iBasso: DX50
    Light Harmonic: Geek Out 450, Geek Out V2 Infinity, Geek Pulse, Geek Pulse Xfi + Geek LPS
    Oppo: BDP-103
    Metrum Acoustics: Pavane
    MSB: The Analog DAC (w/ Anolog Power Base, Volume Control, USB)
    NAD: M51
    Oppo: BDP-93 (Exemplar Modded)
    PS Audio: PerfectWave DAC MKII, PWD MK II (MK I upgraded)
    Resonessence Labs: Concero
    Schiit: Bifrost, Bifrost Uber
    Sonic Frontiers: SFD-2 MKII
    Sony: NW-ZX1, DVP-S9000ES CD Player
    Spectral Audio: SDR-2000 Pro
    VentureCraft: Go-Dap DD Socket 1 (w/ OP275), Go-Dap DD Socket 1 LE 12V (w/ MUSES 02)
    Yulong: Sabre D18 DAC
    Cable Inventory:
    Neotech: DIY Power Cables, DIY Digital Cables, DIY Interconnects
    Norne Audio: Solv X Interconnects, Therium, Vanquish, Zoetic
    Stefan Audio Art: Endorphin WS Balanced Hardwired

    Previously Owned Cables -
    BJC: LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables, Belden 1694A Digital Audio Cables, Belden USB 2.0 Cable
    BTG Audio: Custom Micro SPC LOD, Sunrise IEM Cable
    DHC: Symbiote "Fusion" OCC IEM Cable (terminated TRRS - SE5)
    EACE: Custom 24 AWG Copper LOD. Custom 24 AWG SPC LOD
    Emotiva: X Series Balanced XLR, RCA, HDMI
    ForzaAudioWorks: FAW Claire ICS
    JE Designs: Custom 8-Wire Braid Hybrid Cable
    Norne Audio: Norn 8, Reign 24. Skoll
    Q-Audio: French Silk (HD800), French Silk (LCD-3), French Silk Hardwired (TH-900)
    Norse Audio: Skuld 2 (HD800). Skuld 4 (HE-500), Skuld 8 (LCD-2.2), Reign 4 (HD650), Reign 4 (Mad Dog), Norse Audio Reign 24 (LCD-3)
    Pangea Audio: AC-14, USB Cable
    Revelation Audio Labs: Prophecy Cryo-Silver™ Reference DualConduit™ USB 2.0 Digital Link cable, BNC
    Schiit Audio: PYST Audio Cables
    Tralucent Audio: Gold/Silver Cable (New Version), Uber Cable
    Triode Wire Labs: Seven+, Ten+, Twelve+
    Valab: MS Audio Pure Silver Digital USB Cable
    Wireworld: Starlight 7 Digital BNC, Starlight 7 Digital USB
    Whiplash Audio: Twag v2 USB to LOD, Twag v2 GOLD OM
    WyWires: Litespeed Silver USB
    Power-Related Components:
    Tripplite Isobar 8

    Previously Owned -
    Belkin: PureAV PF60
    PI Audio Group: UberBUSS, MiniBUSS, MajikBUSS Rev B
    PS Audio: Power Plant P3, Power Plant P5
    PurePower: APS 700
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Atma-Sphere MP-3 Preamplifier
    The Mod Squad Deluxe Line Drive

    K&K Maxxed Out

    Sansui 5500 Receiver
    Marantz 4300 Receiver

    Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2
    ESS AMT-3
    JBL: LSR305, L100
    KEF LS50
    Tekton Designs Pendragons (Custom Colored - BMW Cyber Metallic Grey)
    Vapor Audio Nimbus White
    Yamaha NS-SP3800 5.1
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Lynx Audio: AES16e PCI-E Card

    Previously Owned -
    Empirical Audio: Off-Ramp 4 (Full Mods), Off-Ramp 5 (SPDIF Hynes Reg. OTL), Off-Ramp 5 (IS2/SPDIF Hynes Reg. A-GD Muting Mod), Short Block
    JKenny: Ciunas USB Converter
    JPLAY: JCAT USB Card, JCAT Battery PSU
    Mutec: MC-3+ USB
    Schiit: Wyrd USB Decrapifier
    Uptone Audio: Regen (w/ CI Audio VDC-9 PSU)
    Music Preferences:
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