1. mauriceg

    Looking for a good DAC under 850€ (+- 1000$)

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to HiFi gear, I bought a Lehmann Black Cube Linear today to use with Sennheiser HD650's. I have my turntable hooked up to that setup now, but I would like to be able to use my computer too for playing music so I am looking for a good DAC. I am looking at DAC's...
  2. Brumagician99

    New Audiolab DAC

    Word on the street is Audiolab are bringing out a new DAC..   The Audiolab 8200CD known as the cd + DAC is supposed to have an amazing DAC for value..   The new separate DAC which is built upon and apparantly a distance beyond the amazing DAC used in the 8200CD is supposed to be far...
  3. kreserb

    need help choosing future high end gear

    First off: longtime lurker, first time poster, im glad to finally have an excuse to join :D   I am in need of some serious guiding from some knowledgeable people.   Right now i have a Beyerdynamic dt770 pro headphone, with a really bad no-name DAC. but later this year, i will be getting abit...
  4. absent

    Purchasing LCD-X Amp DAC Suggestions.

    So I'm going to take the leap and get a pair of LCD-Xs.  I was wondering if you all had some suggestions on AMPs/DACs to go with them.  I was eyeing the Bifrost Asgard 2 combo but would like some other suggestions.   Fist thing, definitely looking for something solid state at this point...
  5. shuttleboi

    New Grace Design m920 DAC/amp with DSD decoding

    Grace Design updated their m903 with a new m920 model that has an ESS Sabre DAC with DSD decoding. More information here:   http://www.gracedesign.com/products/m920/m920.htm   Stereo analog inputs - balanced (+4dBu) XLR and unbalanced (-10dBv) RCA. Ultra low distortion 32-bit /384khz Sabre...
  6. greggreynolds

    Help deciding on SPL Phonitor/ Sennheiser HDVD800

    Hi There,  I produce music and purchased a pair of HD800 earlier this year. I currently use an Apogee Ensemble which am not sure can drive the HD 800 they sound fine but would know as did test the HDVD800 but in a shop and can't really remember.   Im happy to use it solely for music...
  7. santacore

    Lynx Hilo - new offering from Pro Audio company.

    New AD/DA converter with headphone amp from the Pro Audio company Lynx. Marketed to the small commercial and home studios market. This is a full featured box that should compete nicely with Apogee, Antelope Audio, and Lavry products. Here are links to the most current software update and best...
  8. Icenine2

    B.M.C. Announces PureDAC

    This is from a B.M.C. press release.   The PureDAC delivers a DAC of the highest quality. It combines its DAC with a balanced, reference-level headphone amplifier, a balanced preamplifier, and B.M.C.’s exclusive Digital Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM), a volume and amplification control...
  9. estreeter

    NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC Impressions

    I dont know if anyone here has this DAC, but Stereo Net Australia board member lil Caeser seems to have heard most of the current ~$1K front-runners and rates the M51 very highly   Just ignore that stuff about the Lampizator unless you happen to have 5K ......   NAD Product Page...
  10. tmac7balla

    Need Help with Amp Decision for LCD-3f before deployment

    Hey guys i'm in a slight delima. I currently have a pair of LCD-3f paired with the IDSD Micro. I love the sound of DSD tracks but the micro is a tad bit to harsh for my liking with non DSD files even when up sampling to DSD. I am looking for a good amp or amp/dac combo under $2000 to either pair...
  11. G

    DAC/amps with independent headphone and analog output levels?

    I'm trying to come up with a list of DAC/amp combination units which allow headphone volume to be controlled independently from the analog output level. It's fine if the analog output level is fixed (at the usual 2V unbalanced, 4V balanced). I want to connect dynamic headphones to this unit, and...
  12. SoundCarrier

    TC Electronic BMC-2

    Hi, Have any of you used the TC Electronic BMC-2 ? It's a studio monitor controller with a built in DAC and headphone amp. Here are a couple of links if you haven't heard of it: TC Electronic | BMC-2 YouTube - [Musikmesse] TC Electronic - BMC-2 It's has just the features I need for...
  13. aphinity

    Alternatives to Audiolab M-DAC?

    Think I might just pull the trigger on the Audiolab M-DAC.  Looks like a winner......   Unless, someone has a better option sub-$1000 that drives headphones and monitors well?   Thanks.
  14. Gary in MD

    December 2013 Mid-Level DAC Comparison

    Folks:   I intend to do a comparison of mid-level (~$500-2500) DACs in December 2013.  I will test multiple DACs and keep the one I like the best.  Period.  Everything else gets sent away.  If I end up liking my current $200 Emotiva XDA-1 best, that's the one I'll keep and everything new gets...
  15. subsonic1050

    DAC and HP Amp for under $1200

    Well if any of you have been on this forum much for the past few weeks you may have noticed that I have been having some issues trying to get a decent DAC that WORKS. I started with an Emotiva XDA-2, which I personally thought sounded pretty amazing for a $250 DAC/HP Amp - but alas, it broke in...
  16. aphinity

    Better DAC than the Anedio D2 DAC? (sub $2000, good with Macs, integrated headphone amp, balanced xlr outs)

    Hey all,   I've been doing a ton of research the last few months on DACs in the sub $2000 range and look forward to finally getting one.  As I mentioned in the thread title, requirements for the DAC are sub $2000, good with Macs, integrated headphone amp, and balanced xlr outputs for...
  17. gomincha

    High-end headphones for mixing and mastering?

    Hi all,   I want a set of headphones as flat, realistic, accurate and detailed as possible for mixing and mastering applications. I was thinking something in the lines of HD800, T1, LCD2, SR-007 and 4070. Any suggestions?
  18. Takeanidea

    Who has an end game setup?

    hi all,I was wondering who of you are that satisfied with your set up that you have bought nothing, done no modifications to improve your set ups in the last 6 months ( you made it through Christmas without taking the plunge in this scenario). If there are any of you out there, show yourselves...
  19. DjAmTraX

    Decision time! Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 or Mytek DSD-DAC?

    Okay, I am on the fence on which to get. The Mytek has headphones out which I like and DSD file support for the future. The Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 is well received and proven to be a great DAC. The Mytek is new so no reviews yet, but it Mytek is well respected by the Pros. Your thoughts?    ...
  20. Folex

    Rack USB Amp/dac options ?

    Here is my current situations:   I own 2 headphones @ 32ohm and 1 headphone @ 250 ohm   I have a pair of monitor speakers that I need dual XLR for.      I'm hoping to find a rack amp/dac that has a headphone jack on the front that can power 600 ohms decently while able to have 32 ohm...
  21. KriLi

    Which would you choose?

    Looking for an amp/DAC setup that is versatile for most headphones (high impedance driver and planars) and I could use for many many years. For now the headphone I use is the Alpha Dog, HD800 on shipping. Next buy at the end of the year will be HE-6 or LCD-3. Budget max 1500 dollars, Burson...
  22. aphinity

    Dangerous Music Source DAC

    I was recently recommended to check out the Dangerous Music Source DAC in a thread I started regarding my search for great DAC w/ integrated headphone amp for sub-$2000:  ...
  23. C-WL87

    Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC

    Has anyone heard when this new DAC is due to be released, or any word on features/functionality? I'm thinking of purchasing the Emotiva XDA-2, but could be persuaded to wait for the pro DAC if there is a huge difference in sound quality and features. 
  24. Dangerous Music Source

    Dangerous Music Source

    The Dangerous Source provides the critical link between your ears and the music. Every tracking and mixing decision hinges upon what you hear: how to locate the microphone’s sweet spot for the perfect vocal, where to place the panning to define each instrument’s space, creating the perfect...