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B.M.C. Announces PureDAC

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Jan 7, 2013.
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  1. Icenine2
    This is from a B.M.C. press release.
    The PureDAC delivers a DAC of the highest quality. It combines its DAC with a balanced, reference-level headphone amplifier, a balanced preamplifier, and B.M.C.’s exclusive Digital Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM), a volume and amplification control system that calibrates gain without dividing or downgrading the input signal …. The PureDAC also boasts a high-resolution asynchronous USB interface, digital AES/EBU, Toslink and coaxial inputs, balanced analog outputs, RCA output jacks, and a special B.M.C. link for connecting directly to a B.M.C. amplifier.
    This is supposedly going to cost $1600!?!?  Looks to be incredible and going to be at CES
  2. BournePerfect
    Wow. At that price I just might pic one up to compare with my DP1.

  3. Icenine2
    It is way cool looking for sure and seems like mucho bang for the buck.  It will be really interesting to read someone's listening opinion on this.  Lots of cool new amps like this coming out.
  4. Bones13 Contributor
    The XLR jack is 3 pin only.  How is that "balanced"?  Well I guess its balanced on the line output in the back.  Anyone using headphones with a 3 pin XLR jack? (not jacks x2)
  5. burnspbesq
    B.M.C.'s a reputable company, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that when they mocked up a chassis to use for advertising photography, they didn't have a four-pin XLR jack handy.  If not, well ...
    Equally interesting is the USB 3.0 port on the back.  Pretty sure I haven't seen one of those on a piece of audio gear before this.
  6. gurus
    Looking Good! Good find.
    Looks like  will have to wait till end of March, that's when it starts shipping.
  7. Spakka
    Hmm very pretty.
    Now if they did a version without the headphone amp for a bit less dosh... Why do so many companies make us pay for bits some of us don't want!
  8. palchiu Contributor
    I can't wait for this.
  9. gurus
    We might finally see at CES 2013 $1500-2500 DAC taking on the $5000+ established DAC's in a slugfest and coming out ahead.
    I was looking to try out this gem  from a Canadian company on a 30 day Free trial but I am just gonna wait till all the CES reports have filtered in.
  10. sachu
    holy cow!
    I'd like a pic of the innards and read up more on this DAc..but i have been drooling over their DAC 1 pre ever since they announced it. 
    Hope to cehck this out. THis is straight to the top of my DAC list now.
    BMC is a reputable company indeed. German roots, chinese manufacturing though, but what isn't these days.
  11. Icenine2
    What up Sachu?
  12. Xymordos
    Amazing design! And for $1600! I hope it compares well with the rest of the DACs in the price range.
  13. sachu
    word dude
    how's it going ? enjoying the LF as much as I am are you still? Using it with the Modi DAC at work actually driving Senn HD 201 :p  Sounds great..
    A friend is the BMC dealer in India.. sent him an email asking if he has a unit in his showroom.
  14. Icenine2
    Still digging the LF mucho!  One day I'm going to get the Smyth Realiser to top it off.
  15. palchiu Contributor
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