1. kishorfarm

    Is the Audio GD NFB-11 (2014) a clear improvement over the EHP-O2 (O2+ODAC) driving an HE-500?

    Currently I use an HiFiman HE-500 driven by an EHP-O2 (O2+ODAC). The HE-500 is an awesome/crisp/highly detailed headphone but I would like to improve the amp/DAC part. My budget is not that big (max. 400€) but I don't mind buying second hand.   I've found the Audio GD NFB-11 to be an...
  2. itsme9003

    NFB-11 or NFB-11.32: What's the difference?

    Just wondering what the differences are between the two products (linked below). Also, I've seen people referring to a 2014 version of the NFB-11 - is that a third variation? NFB-11: NFB-11.32...
  3. KriLi

    Which would you choose?

    Looking for an amp/DAC setup that is versatile for most headphones (high impedance driver and planars) and I could use for many many years. For now the headphone I use is the Alpha Dog, HD800 on shipping. Next buy at the end of the year will be HE-6 or LCD-3. Budget max 1500 dollars, Burson...
  4. Brick3

    ### Matrix Cube vs Audio-gb NFB-11? ###

    Hey everyone. I'm planning to get an amp/dac and struggling between matrix cube and audio-gb nfb-11 I'm planning to use it for games and movies. I was initially going to buy nfb-11 but heard that it's a bitt too analytical. What about cube? I personally would rather get a more fun based device...
  5. caddie444

    Headphone amp for Xonar STU and DT 880 600ohm

    Hello,   I just recently purchased a set of Beyer DT 880 600ohm headphones and a Xonar Stu.   Having hooked them up to my comp I was expecting the volume level to be extreme, but I must say I am a bit underwhelmed by how the xonar stu powers these headphones. I am thinking I should purchase...
  6. Nitrius

    Audio-GD NFB-11 or Audio-GD NFB-15 with Sennheiser HD700?

    So am looking at these two dac/amp for my Sennheiser HD700, and am wondering if anyone have any experience with them? NFB-11 looks to be the more expensive one, and i guess that is because of the Sabre dac? Beside that they look very much similar. Another thing i wonder about is how hot these...
  7. terrapin13

    Headphone Amp with Bookshelf Speaker outputs

    At work I love my schiit vahalla/bifrost 650 setup.  I would like to set up something similar for music listening at home.  I have some Klipsch bookshelf speakers that I would like to use in addition to headphones.  I was excited by the McIntosh mha100 product until I saw the price of $4,500.  ...
  8. DieRespwnGameOn

    Looking for Amp + DAC for HD700's

    Hey Everybody,   Before you ask, yes I'm somewhat a noob in this area, I've only had a pair of Beyerdynamics DT990 Pro before I got my Sennheiser HD700's and I have tried Philips Fidelio X1 which were amazing but sadly they itched alot for me so was only able to keep them on for short periods...
  9. Stillhart

    Yulong D100 vs Audio-GD NFB-11

    Okay well, I just came into some cash and I'm finally ready to pull the trigger on a new DAC/Amp.  I've been researching for a bit and I really like the Yulong D100 and the Audio-GD NFB-11 for good options with my AKG Q701.  Keep in mind that I'm not factoring price/value into this comparison...
  10. atdc

    PLEASE HELP: Professional Audio from Home [set up for $2500]

    I plan to create music from my computer using synths, guitars, and pianos that I currently have in my house. I am looking to buy amps/speakers for listening to my tracks. [reference monitors?] I am very uninformed but feel that I am picky and require a decent quality set up. I don't have a...
  11. Soundwave76

    Amps with SWITCH between line-out and headphones?

    Could we list here amps which have a SWITCH between line-out and headphones? This is an important feature for myself. I want to leave the headphones connected all the time and toggle the output between headphones and my active speakers.   Ideally the amp also has a DAC, but this is not...
  12. stephennic

    Audio-gd NFB 15.32 Impressions or oppinion Upgrade my marantz cd63se

    Hi all,   Has anyone heard the audio-gd NFB15.32, what is it like sonically, how would it compare to a Marantz cd-63se. I want to add a dac and wondering whether it would improve the marantz . Also how does it compare with oher dacs - arcam and Cambridge etc. I am after a musical/natural and...
  13. jojinkho

    Amp / Dac for HD 650

    Hi guys,   I bought Sennheiser HD650. Currently, my DAC / AMP is Fiio E10, but I want to upgrade. I was reading about Audio-GD, that they offer the best SQ - money ratio.   I was thinking about NFB-11.32 or Compass 2 with Sabre. Will NFB-11.32 drive my HD650 properly? And is there much of a...
  14. EasySounds

    Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 D/A Converter v Audio-gd NFB 11.32 (which is better 1) on paper; 2) used with the hifimans he-500?)

    Please delete thread. Thanks.
  15. catchedge

    NFB-11/NFB-12 or NFB-3/NFB-2<C-2.1

    Hello fellow Head-Fi'ers,   I'm currently sporting an Audio GD Compass and am looking to upgrade.  I have a pair of Denon D2000.  I love the sound of the Compass with them, however I'm looking to upgrade the DAC.  I was thinking of doing the setup in the title.  Basically my question is...
  16. gyrodec

    Best S/PDIF digital out to my NFB-11 DAC

    The very best S/PDIF output is from a Lynx AES16 card, but they are over $600. For nearer $100 which card has the best S/PDIF out. Transformer isolated outputs and a good clock are features that seem to me to be good indicators, but what you you think.   The S/PDIF from my motherboard is...
  17. chunkfnk

    Audio-gd NFB 3.1 or Schiit Bifrost?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a set of AKG k701 and the Schiit Lyr to go along with it. I was wondering which DAC would go well with that combo?
  18. nicholars

    Grant fidelity tube-dac 11 VS Audio-Gd NFB 3.2

    Which of these is the best SQ for the money?
  19. eyal1983

    ODAC , or Audio-GD NFB-11.32 (as DAC) , Anybody?

    did somebody compare both ?
  20. krumme

    DAC19 vs NFB11 vs NFB12 with some philosophical statements

    Motivation for this review   Hifi can be a wonderfull hobby when it moves and changes. It seems to be the essence of it.   I am not headphone user, but finding this huge thriving community, with all its energy, means I post my findings here.   Coming back to a nearly forgotten...
  21. zakazak

    Audio-GD NFB 12.1 driver prevents windows from sleep/shut down?

    Hey there, since I got my NFB 12.1 it looks like it prevents my Windows 7 x64 Prof. from going to sleep or shutting down. If I use windows the whole day without powering on the NFB 12.1 then sleep/shut down works fine. As soon as I once power the NFB 12.1 on (even if I power it off afterwards)...
  22. buson160man

    how does the audio-gd nfb10.32 compare to the audio-gd nfb 11.32 sonically and otherwise?

     I have been thinking about upgrading my desk top computer sound system.I do not use my computer for listening to music but I do like to use my computer to watch netflix and dvds.I presently am using the non-descript computer speakers that came with my computer and would like to upgrade the...
  23. HeatFan12

    Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

    Discrete DAC + headphone amp + pre-amp, 32/384 async transfer usb chip, 32/192 Sabre ES9018....  30 promo units went rather quickly and mine is on the way and stateside already.  Hopefully Mon. or Tues. delivery.      
  24. Darko9989

    Audio-GD NFB 15.32 vs Matrix M-Stage with HRT Music Streamer II?

    Hey guys. I am wondering what your thoughts are on the Audio-GD NFB 15.32 vs Matrix M-Stage with HRT Music Streamer II? I am looking for the overall best sound quality. I am perfectly fine with having an all-in-one system like the NFB 15.32 or a separate stack like the M-Stage/HRT so I do not...
  25. fonesgonewild

    Stereo-link USB DAC

    Just curious that using the USB DACs with amps would improve the music quality over the soundcard mini out. Some say that USB ones don't benefit as much, that just using amps directly from the soundcard can do better. As I was searching, most of the head-fiers prefer to use the DACs with...