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May 5, 2017
Feb 4, 2007
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Retired science teacher

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May 5, 2017
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    Retired science teacher
    Drumming N scale trains, antique glass, SW indian pottery
    grandparent or as wife likes to say baby sitters with credit cards
    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado RS2, Roland RH-A30, Senn 600/650s, various iems, Hifi man he5le/400, Fischer FA011/FA003, ATH900ADX, Focal Spirit one, AKG Tiesto, M Audio HDH 50, ZMF Master V1
    owned: AKG 501 Senn 580 AKG 701 Stax Lambda Pro
    wished to own Senn Orpheus after hearing at meet pretty amazing!!
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Schiit Lyr, Bellari HA540, Schiit Valhalla, Goldpoint,pro, G1217 (Ember + SC, Horizon + SC ,2xPolaris Sunrise V2) Audio GD Compass 2 DACs: Micromega Mydac , Schiit Bifrost, AGD Compass 2, Music Hall 15.2

    My favorite combo chain Cayin CDP-optical digital to A GD Compass 2 DAC section (sabre DAC) RCAs out to LYR with Toshiba 6dj8s driving HF man 5LE That could be end game for me
    Source Inventory:
    CDPs Cambridge 640 v2, Cayin cdt-23,
    Cable Inventory:
    nothing more then $40.00
    Power-Related Components:
    Richard Grey Power Co. conditioner
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Sonus Faber speakers, NAD 356bee intergrated Amp, Sony SACD CD/DVD
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    blu tack everything stacked and held in place using it on feet, tube dampers they just look cool
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz, classical ,bdway Sinatra ,Elvis, 50s doo wop country western bluegrass esp gospel
    N scale trains, SW indian pottery, vintage Sci-fi pulp mag my drum kit
    Taught Sci in NYC public schools
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