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Headphoneus Supremus, Male

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    Music, movies (asian and others), anime, manga, capoeira (12 years), books (classical, SF & Fantasy)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Currently own

    Spiral Ear SE5 - Ultimate
    Shure KSE1500
    Vision Ears VE8
    Sennheiser IE800s
    Hyla Nerva X
    AAW Q

    ATH ES10

    Listened to extensively

    Ocharaku Flat-4 Keyaki Plus And Akakeyaki Plus (reviewed)
    Aroma W12
    Unique Melody Maestro V3 (reviewed)
    Empire Ears Zeus-R (demo)
    Empire Ears Zeus universal Version (14 drivers)
    Earsonics S-EM6
    Fitear Togo 334
    Sennheiser IE800
    Hisoundaudio BA100
    Vision Ears demos Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, VE6X Control, VE8

    Used to own
    Earsonics S-EM9 - SOLD
    Cozoy Hera - SOLD
    Shozy Zero - SOLD
    In-Ear Prophile 8 - SOLD
    Advanced Acousticwerkes W900
    Shure SE846 - SOLD
    Hum Pristine Universal - SOLD
    Tralucent Plus5 - SOLD
    Rhapsodio Galaxy - SOLD
    Rhapsodio Solar - SOLD
    Jays Q-Jays V2 - SOLD
    JH Roxanne - SOLD
    Tralucent REF1 two - SOLD
    Fitear MH335DW - RETURNED
    Spiral Ear SE5 Reference - SOLD
    Ocharaku Flat-4 Kaede - SOLD
    Final Audio Design Lab1 - SOLD
    Hidition NT6 - SOLD
    Tralucent 1plus2 v2 - SOLD
    Inear StageDiver 3 - SOLD
    UM Miracle - SOLD
    UMD 3DD Universals - SOLD
    Heir Audio 5.0 - SOLD
    Shure SE530x6 - reshelled to universal for gift
    Shure SE535 – SOLD
    Shure SE530 – 3 pairs broken and exchanged or reshelled
    ATH-ES7 – broken
    Koss Portapro – broken
    AKG k430 – broken
    Bose On-Ear – Traded
    Shure SE210 - broken
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Obravo HPA-1

    Tralucent T1 - SOLD
    ALO Continental V3 - SOLD
    iBasso T3D - SOLD
    Source Inventory:
    Altmann Tera Player Stealth
    Lotoo Paw Gold Titanium Edition
    Chord Mojo
    Sony WM1Z
    Ipod Classic 160G
    ifi xDSD

    COZOY Takt Pro - SOLD
    Shanling M1 - SOLD
    Alien + - SOLD
    iBasso DX200 - SOLD
    AK100 Mk2 ltd - SOLD
    Hisoundaudio Studio 6 - SOLD
    AK240SS - SOLD
    Aune M2S - SOLD
    RWAK240 - SOLD
    Cowon Plenue P1 - SOLD
    Chord Hugo - SOLD
    Hifiman 901 with balanced card, Minibox and discrete cards - SOLD
    NW-ZX1 - SOLD
    Iriver AK120 - SOLD
    Iriver AK100 - Stage 2 Mod - SOLD
    iBasso DX100 - SOLD
    Cowon Z2 - SOLD
    Cowon X7 - SOLD

    Listened to extensively
    Fiio X5
    Fiio X7
    Cable Inventory:
    Beat Audio Signal
    Onso earphone cable 3 MMCX 3.5
    Norne Audio Silvergarde S x 2 (3.5 & 4.4)
    Beat Audio Prima Donna 4 braids MMCX 4.4mm

    Sony MUC-M12SB1 (4.4 balanced MMCX) - SOLD
    DHC Symbiote V3 - SOLD
    Dita Awesome Plug Silver - SOLD
    Ortofon ec8s - SOLD
    Beat Audio Prima Donna 8 braids - SOLD
    ADL IHP - 35m+ - SOLD
    Rhapsodio 2.98 4 braids - SOLD
    Beat Audio Prima Donna for Roxannes - SOLD
    Toxic Cables Silver Widow 22AWG for Roxannes - SOLD
    Wagnus Diamond Dust for Fitear - SOLD
    DHC Fusion TRRS - SOLD
    DHC Fusion 2.5 for AK240 and NT6 - SOLD
    Whiplash TWAu - SOLD
    DHC USB Micro Metagenome3 - SOLD
    Siltech Optical - SOLD
    Beat Audio Oslo II for SE5 - SOLD
    Tralucent Silver & Gold Cable - SOLD
    ALO AUDIO Compact Right angle SXC 22 Mini to Mini - SOLD
    Beat Audio Cronus - SOLD
    Beat Audio Sapphire - SOLD
    Qables right angles mini to mini - SOLD
    iBasso CB06 mini-to-mini cable - SOLD
    Tralucent Silver Cable - SOLD
    Tralucent Silver Cable V2 - SOLD
    Tralucent Silver & Gold Cable V2 - SOLD
    Effect Audio Crystal Piccolino - BROKEN
    French guy in his (late) 30's who likes music and miniaturized audio bliss.
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