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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. mhamel
    Well, here we go... new Schiit on the way!
    My order hasn't shipped yet, but let's get a thread going for those who have received or will be receiving their M2s soon.  
    How do you like it? How does it compare?  Tubes vs LISST? Let's hear everyone's thoughts.
    I'll be trying mine out with Yggy and Dangerous Source DACs.  Amps to compare - at the moment I've got a Lyr 1, Elekit TU-8200DX, (the surprisingly good for what it is) internal amp on the Dangerous Source, and my restored Pioneer SA-9100.
    Headphones are LCD-X, AKG K712, modded Beyer DT-990 and un-amped Blue Mo-Fi.
    Happy Listening!
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  2. JK-47
    Hey, nice to see a fellow Elekit TU-8200DX owner with the Mojnir 2 on the way too.
    Sunday I orderd the MJ2 with LISST's (lisps'ssss), the Gungnir Mbit, and the Wyrd.
    I have vintage 6DJ8 Amperex Bugle boy's (liked them in my Dad's Lyr2), Reflektor 6N23P's, and Jan Philips 6922's on the way. Also Tubemonger socket savers...
    Let the tube rolling commence [​IMG]
  3. Hardwired Contributor
    Ordered the Mojo 2 and GMB on Saturday and my order has been stuck on order status "Mjolnir2" for 2 days, and the shipping time on the site has grown to 5-7 days. They must have sold a Schiit load of the amps!
    Anyway, will post impressions of all the gear including LISST/tube comparisons once they all arrive.  Can't wait!
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  4. mhamel
    Hey JK,
    I love the TU-8200DX, it's a great amp.  I just couldn't resist picking up the MJ2, and the LISSTs are intriguing to say the least. I was tempted to pick up a Gungnir Mbit, but with the Yggy here already it was hard to talk myself into pulling the trigger on that just yet.
    I do wish the heater current capacity on the MJ2 was slightly higher, I have around 1200 tubes that work in my Lyr 1 but at least half of them exceed the heater current rating on the MJ2 so won't be compatible.  Still plenty to keep me busy rolling, though. :)
  5. Mediahound
    Received mine today:
    Sounds great so far. Probably still burning in but even so, smooth, not strident, great dynamics. This is just upon an initial listen. 
  6. LarsP
    Looking at this amp besides the new Gungnir as an upgrade from my Meier Concerto/StageDAC-combo. Has anyone here done a similar upgrade?
  7. Argo Duck
    This would be a very interesting comparison as Meier's gear has high quality for money (innovative thinking; prices kept low) just like Schiit's.

    I have the same upgrade plan but in a few months...

  8. Mediahound
    Question about the gain: Low gain with my Audeze LCD-3's 12 o'clock is already like way loud. Is there any reason to run this amp in high gain if this is the case?
  9. Rem0o
    Personally I'd stick with low gain for greater play on the volume pot and technically better noise/THD performance.
  10. Mediahound

  11. Mediahound
  12. reddog
    +1 very nice pictures sir looking for your impressions.
  13. JK-47
    Thanks for the pic's and video...looks smokin'
    My order from Schiit included the MJ2 and GMB, plus a Wyrd. Schiit emailed me yestersay saying the LISST tubes were sold out until Monday, and it was the only thing holding my order from  being shipped. I asked them to ship without the LISST for now. They did but it will cost an extra $8 to ge tthe LISST shipped mon... oh well.
  14. Mediahound

    I probably would have just waited. But I can certainly understand wanting to get your new stuff ASAP, especially if you already have tubes you can run while you wait for your LISST's. 
  15. reddog
    Sweet looking forward to your impressions.
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